Funds are being raised to be able to restore it and that this jewel is not lost

Asturias: a beautiful century-old school that is preserved as it was in 1970

A considerable part of Spain is suffering from a problem that has a difficult solution: the lack of children, and the consequent aging of the population.

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This problem is especially pronounced in rural areas, and even more so in mountainous areas. An example of this is the Principality of Asturias. Precisely there, in the western area, already close to Galicia, this video published recently by Hilux Aventura,, an Asturian youtuber, was recorded, showing us a beautiful school built in 1920 and which ceased to be used in 1970:

What is most striking is the good state of conservation of the school, within what is possible, despite having been abandoned for almost half a century. Inside, documents from the time of the Franco regime are still preserved:

A very nice point of the video is the one that shows us the impressive views they had from the school windows:

As Hilux Aventura points out, a restoration project of the school is being carried out, for which they are raising funds. If you want to collaborate, you can do it in this link:

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