This new attack has shown the poor accuracy of Russian military aviation

Surreal: Russian fighters attack Russian military equipment on Snake Island

Russia yesterday left Snake Island in Ukraine. The Russian defense minister disguised this withdrawal as an act of "good will".

New setback for Russia: it withdraws from Snake Island after a new Ukrainian attack
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From the Russian Ministry of Defense they also presented the withdrawal as a simple completion of their operations on that island. With this, Russia tried to give the image that it was a mere planned withdrawal, but the facts have once again shown that the Russian government did not tell the truth.

Army Inform, the news agency of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, published this afternoon a video showing the attack by Russian Sukhoi Su-30 fighters on Snake Island this afternoon at around 18:00 local time (17:00 CET). The attacking planes would have reached the island from the Belbek airfield in Sevastopol (Crimea). The Russian Ministry of Defense has not published any information about this attack.

Various analysts have pointed out that the attack would have targeted the military material abandoned by the Russians on the Snake Island, so that it does not fall into Ukrainian hands. There is no indication that Ukrainian forces have regained access to the island (their presence is likely to be postponed due to how vulnerable the site is to air strikes). This attack shows that the Russian withdrawal was so hasty that material was left on the island without even bothering to destroy it, and without being able to recover it by ship due to the risk of further Ukrainian attacks.

As if the images weren't already surreal enough, this attack reveals the poor accuracy of Russian aircraft: three of the four bombs dropped ended up in the water, and only one managed to reach the surface of the island, exploding in the barracks of the western side. It is possible that the bombs that ended up in the water were directed at the barracks located on the northeast side, located next to the jetty and which have been used by the Russians during the invasion.


Photo: Alex Beltyukov.

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