The Ukrainians have found ammunition and "30 units of enemy equipment"

Ukraine recovers the Snake Island and shows the material abandoned by Russia

A week after the Russian withdrawal from the Snake Island, Ukraine has returned to fly its flag over this part of its territory.

Surreal: Russian fighters attack Russian military equipment on Snake Island
New setback for Russia: it withdraws from Snake Island after a new Ukrainian attack

This morning at 9:06 am CET, the Strategic Communications Directorate of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has released four photos of Ukrainian servicemen on the newly reclaimed Snake Island. Two Ukrainian flags have been raised there, amid the rubble left by the Russians.

In the images, destroyed barracks can be seen, in addition to some military trailers with tanks, possibly for drinking water.

The photos also show some positions with camouflage nets. Maybe covered firing positions for island defense.

The Russians also left a Kamaz fuel tanker on the island, with several letters "Z" painted in white.

Here we can see an enlarged image of the abandoned truck, in which more supplies abandoned by the Russians can be distinguished.

This morning, the Operational Command "South" of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has also published this short video of the newly recovered island:

That Command has indicated that Russia left behind "30 units of enemy equipment", in addition to ammunition. It has also reported that the Ukrainian military in charge of recovering the island were members of the Special Forces.

On Thursday, June 30, Russia assured that its withdrawal from the island was a gesture of "good will" after having ended its operations there. Hours earlier, the island had been attacked by Ukrainian forces. Finally, Russian fighters attacked the island hours after the withdrawal, probably to destroy the material abandoned by the occupiers in their sudden withdrawal. The images of this attack revealed the poor aim of the Russian aircraft: of four bombs dropped, only one fell on the island.

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