The aircraft, of the US Army, is as if it had suffered an accident

An abandoned UH-1 Iroquois helicopter on a rooftop in a post-apocalyptic place

There are abandoned aircraft in the most varied places in the world, but sometimes one can find them in the strangest places.

Cornwall: an airfield with old Harrier fighters and other derelict aircraft
An abandoned air base and a large submarine base in a small country in Europe

This is the case of an old Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopter (also known as Huey) that appeared a few months ago in a video on Seth Borden, left on the roof of a building as if he had crashed there:

The helicopter is on top of the roof, as if it had made a hole with the collision.

However, there is something that doesn't add up. Such an accident had caused much more damage to the helicopter, and as we can see in this video capture, the skids of the UH-1H do not even seem dented.

The author of the video has preferred to hide where it was recorded. He has even blurred the city that is mentioned on the door of the helicopter. It is clear that Seth Borden does not have much idea about aeronautical issues, because the UH-1H has the characteristic paint of the Hueys of the Military District of Washington of the US Army. Of course, I have not obtained any results searching the serial number on its tail (15598).

The place of the possible accident is somewhat strange. The video shows images of the building in which cells are seen, as if it were a prison. But also, outside there is a school bus crossed on a bridge.

There is also a Honda Civic buried under a truck, but there is no road at the scene.

Also, there is a truck built against the building. Could it be that this place is like the Bermuda Triangle for drivers and pilots with a few drinks too many?

Of course, the site looks like a shooting studio for a post-apocalyptic movie or series. A commenter on the video points out that the site is an old reformatory that is used by firefighters for training. That would explain the strange accidents.

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