He has published two videos in which he is seen in awe of this land

Galicia shown by an American fascinated by its rural world, its coast and its people

We Galicians live in a part of Spain that is an ancient tourist destination thanks to the Camino de Santiago, which has brought us many pilgrims.

Sunset at Ten O’Clock in Galicia
The magnificent video of a French filmmaker showing landscapes of northern Spain

One of those visitors is called Elliot, he is from Wisconsin (United States) and lives in Malaga. Elliot has a Youtube channel in which he recounts his adventures in Spain, and his latest video has been dedicated to Galicia, traveling part of the Way of St. James to the Death Coast:

Elliot has yet another channel where he posts videos in Spanish . A few days ago he published this one about his experience on the Galician coast:

You can see here some screenshots of the first video, in which Elliot shows us the beauty of rural Galicia:

Following the Way of St. James, Elliot passes through some places where it seems that you will find four hobbits walking (and some Nazgûl chasing them on horseback):

In the case of Galicia, you can't miss the cruceiros (crosses). It is one of the most characteristic works of cultural heritage in this Spanish region. To give us an idea, in Galicia there are about 12,000 cruceiros at crossroads, squares, streets... They are a symbol of the enormous importance that Christianity has for the Galician people.

Another feature of Galicia are the hórreos, stone constructions designed to store corn and other farm products. They are built on stone pillars to prevent rodents from entering them. In Galicia there are about 30,000 hórreos, since it is an eminently rural region.

Elliot is also surprised by the Galician cemeteries, which is another very common element of our architectural heritage (and another example of the religiosity of the Galicians, since the vast majority are Catholic cemeteries). Throughout Galicia there are about 3,800 cemeteries, many of them parochial, like the one in the image.

And finally, the sea, our beloved Atlantic Ocean, a real sight for the pilgrims who finish their journey on the Death Coast.

But beyond the landscapes and architecture, one of the things that has most fascinated Elliot on his journey are the people of Galicia. As the American hiker points out, Galicians are a people of reserved people, but also hospitable. And that hospitality is observed above all in the field. Elliot stops to talk to people he meets along the way and everyone greets him kindly and politely. It's a deal that has been lost in the cities. That is the most beautiful thing about Galicia, and what I encourage you to discover when you come to this land, where you can always feel at home.

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