Vox criticizes that he continues "without delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine"

Spain: the political opposition denounces the little military aid of Pedro Sánchez to Ukraine

Vox, the third most voted party in Spain, has registered several questions to the government of Pedro Sánchez about the shipment of Spanish weapons to Ukraine.

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Government excuses for not sending Leopard 2A4 to Ukraine

These questions are related to the statements made by the Minister of Defense on August 2, saying that they could not deliver to Ukraine any of the Leopard 2A4 battle tanks stored in Casetas (Zaragoza) because they were in a state "regrettable". Let us remember that to date, Spain is one of the NATO countries that has sent the least military aid to Ukraine, and one of the few allied countries of a certain size that have not sent a single heavy vehicle, with which the Sánchez government shows very little interest in helping Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression.

Vox denounces the little military aid to Ukraine by the Sánchez government

In a written request for data recorded last Friday, August 5 in the Spanish Congress and released today by Vox, this party denounces: "our country continues without delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine, and continues to be one of the countries of the Atlantic Alliance that has less material has sent to the government of Kiev". In the letter, Vox asks the government for a list containing the following information:

  • "All the requests for weapons made by the Ukrainian government to deal with the Russian invasion", requests that the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid, out of diplomatic courtesy, has not wanted to make known .
  • "All the military material delivered to Ukraine to date". Information that the Sánchez government has withheld to date, being one of the countries that has given the least data on military aid sent to Ukraine.

The mysterious fund of almost one million euros approved on July 5

Vox has also indicated that on July 5, "the Council of Ministers approved an agreement authorizing the application of the contingency fund for an amount of 999,793,477 euros and the granting of an extraordinary credit for Defense to meet the expenses caused by the invasion of Ukraine". The website of the government presidency reported that day of the approval of that agreement without specifying what these "extraordinary expenses of the Armed Forces caused by the invasion of Ukraine".

Vox denounces the "critical" situation of the stored Leopard 2A4

Regarding the situation of the Leopard 2A4 in storage, Vox has reminded the government that "Spain has item 122B Special Modernization Programs. This program accumulates 29% of the total budget of the Ministry of Defense (2,848 million euros).In the case of the Leopard program, its start began in 1996. After 27 years, 49% of the originally budgeted amount still remains to be settled". Vox's letter indicates that according to the General State Budgets, "1,228 million euros remain to be amortized, since the pace is insufficient", breaking down the amounts as follows:

  • 267 million in 2022.
  • 51 million in 2023.
  • 13 million in 2024.
  • 114 million in 2025.

Vox adds: "445 million will be amortized over the next four years, barely 30% of what remains to be settled. Thus, the program will last until at least 2028. In summary, the Army's battle tanks will continue without being amortized despite the fact that they are becoming obsolete, and always at the expense of the Franco-German Main Ground Combat System project, a project in which our country has not been included." Vox adds that the situation of the tanks "is critical taking into account the statements of Margarita Robles and the data cited above".

Vox's questions to the government on these issues

For all these reasons, the Vox parliamentary group in Congress has registered the following questions addressed to the government:

  • "What is the status of support for the Leopard 2A4 weapon system?"
  • "Why the battle tanks stored at the Casetas base are in a “regrettable” state?"
  • "Why doesn't the Executive allocate more funds to sustain the systems that the Armed Forces operate?"
  • "For what reason does the Spanish Government continue without committing heavy weapons to Ukraine?"
  • "What will be the specific destination of the aforementioned extraordinary credit for the Ministry of Defense, approved in the Council of Ministers held on July 5 of this year?"


Photo: Boletín Tierra nº202. Spanish Army Leopard 2A4s stored in Casetas (Zaragoza) in 2012.

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