A video that puts you in the cockpit of a Hurricane of the Polish 303 Squadron

The decisions that Polish RAF pilots had to make during an aerial combat

Taking part in an aerial combat requires a series of tactics and correct decisions to achieve a certain advantage that allows you to win.

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During the Battle of Britain (1940), in World War II, the pilots of the Royal Air Force (RAF) used all their ingenuity to face the Luftwaffe, which outnumbered them . In addition to the British pilots themselves defending their homeland, among the 66 RAF fighter squadrons that took part in that battle were many units made up of foreign pilots, some of them from occupied countries for the Third Reich. There were a total of 16 Polish squadrons, in which 145 pilots of that nationality served who managed to reach the United Kingdom.

The most famous unit of the Battle of Britain was the Polish 303 Squadron, which was the most successful RAF squadron during that battle: it made a total of 126 kills. A few days ago, TJ3 History published an interesting video that places us in the cockpit of a Hawker Hurricane of that Polish squadron, showing us the decisions that the pilots had to make during a dogfight:

The video is very well made, but the last decision it proposes is really difficult, to tell the truth... 🤔

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