A political fanaticism that still holds the greatest dictatorship in the world

The extremism that has killed more people in history and that some still applaud

If we asked the question of which extremism has killed the most people since the beginning of time, what do you think the majority would answer?

The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries
The largest cause of death in 2021 killed 42 million human beings worldwide

Many, possibly, would blame religions in general and Christianity in particular, citing -of course- the Inquisition. After all, that is the image that is transmitted from many media, from academic circles and also from a considerable part of the political map. However, religions are not even remotely listed as the greatest cause of killing in history.

Communism: the extremism that has killed the most people

If we skip World War II, which was the deadliest war of all time, the extremism that has killed more people in history was a political extremism: communism, with more than 100 million deaths in a century, a figure that far exceeds the 17 million victims of the other great franchise of socialism: Nazism.

The most lethal communist dictatorship has been China, with 82 million deaths among human beings already born, an anti-democratic regime that still exists (today it is the largest dictatorship in the world) and that is still committing today a genocide against the Uyghur ethnic group, despite which occupies a prominent position in organizations such as the UN, even forming part of its Human Rights Committee. Many insist on ignoring the crimes of that dictatorship even today, to the point that in some lists of the greatest massacres in history just skip them.

A materialistic ideology that promoted hatred of religion

Communist political extremism does not have a religious background. On the contrary. Communism is a materialist ideology that has manifested a staunch hatred of religion since its inception. "Religion is the opium of the people", said Karl Marx in his work "Kritik des hegelschen Staatsrechts" (1844). That same year, the great ideologue of communism published an antisemitic pamphlet, "Zur Judenfrage", which very possibly inspired the antisemitism of nationalist socialism (national-socialism) in Germany in the first half of the 20th century.

Some totalitarians that some still qualify as "freedom fighters"

Despite its large numbers of victims, there are still politicians who call themselves democratic and continue to refuse to condemn the crimes of genocide committed by communism, and that they even call communists "freedom fighters" , as the Spanish left did in Congress last year. It is the same left-wing that distributes democrat cards and is dedicated to pointing out anyone who disagrees with its ideas, calling them "fascist", in a clear demonstration of allergy to ideological pluralism and freedom of speech.

The greatest genocide in history: 330 million dead

But if we have to talk about great massacres, we cannot forget that the greatest massacre in the history of humanity is being committed today, also promoted by the most extremist materialism (which is considered to be legitimate to kill the most innocent and defenseless for the most varied excuses). Once again, the Chinese communist dictatorship is the deadliest: in 2013 it admitted bluntly that 330 million unborn children were killed in that country between 1971 and 2010, a genocide that he justified for the sake of "family planning".

Globally, in 2021 alone, abortion killed 42 million human beings: the largest cause of death in the world. And instead of warning against this savage extremism, some who call themselves "moderate" and "democratic" and who presume to defend human rights applaud this monstrosity and even whitewash it by calling it "choice" and "health reproductive".



Photo: Sigmankatie. Skulls of people killed by the communist Khmer Rouge dictatorship in Cambodia, in the Phnom Penh concentration camp.

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