With few launchers the Ukrainians cause huge damage to the invaders

HIMARS: this is how works the rocket launcher that is keeping the Russians awake in Ukraine

A month and a half ago that The US announced the shipment of M-142 HIMARS to Ukraine, and this weapon system has already made the difference for the Russian invasion.

HIMARS: this is the multiple rocket launcher that US confirms that it will send to Ukraine
An enigmatic series of loud explosions at Russian air base of Novofedorivka

There is conflicting information about the number of such rocket launchers that the US has delivered to Ukraine so far. Some sources speak of 12 and others of 16. It is a small number, in any case, but it is already keeping the Russians awake at night, with almost daily attacks and at nightfall against Russian military targets, with often ammunition depots, which are causing serious problems to the invading forces. Russia is making efforts to destroy those batteries, so far without success, since the HIMARS is a vehicle on wheels and that gives it high mobility.

A Ukrainian Army M-142 HIMARS in eastern Ukraine on July 1 (Photo: Anastasia Vlasova / The Washington Post).

HIMARS is proving to be a high-precision system which, combined with good intelligence information and the use of drones, is proving highly effective. Its doctrine of use by the Ukrainian forces is being just the opposite of that of the Russians with their missiles. While Ukraine seeks precision strikes against military targets, Russia launches its weapons against civilian targets. This is due, in part, to technological differences. So far, Russia has not been able to develop a weapon system equivalent to HIMARS, and continues to rely heavily on obsolete systems with poor accuracy. In addition, as the months go by, Russia has been consuming a large part of its modern missiles, having to resort to more outdated and even less accurate weapons.

This technological difference explains the surprising fact that with only 12 or 16 launchers Ukraine is causing such serious damage to the invaders. But how does HIMARS work? What makes it so special and so effective? AiTelly yesterday published an interesting video showing how the this weapon system:


Main photo: US Marine Corps.

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