The act was held at the Polish Embassy at the time the invasion began

Night tribute in Madrid to those who fell and were murdered in the 1939 invasion of Poland

Today, September 1, marks the 83rd anniversary of the start of World War II, which began with the German invasion of Poland.

The myth of Polish cavalry charges against tanks in September 1939
The tributes to two Polish soldiers of the World War II buried in Spain

For this reason, this morning, at 4:45 a.m., at the time that 83 years ago the battleship SMS Schleswig-Holstein opened fire on the Polish positions in Westerplatte, an act of commemoration was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Madrid.

The event was organized and chaired by the Polish Defense Attaché, Captain Dorota Stachura, and was attended by the Polish Police Liaison, Major Karolina Gablicka-Bak.

Reenactors from the Historical-Cultural Association "Poland First to Fight", made up of Spaniards and Poles residing in Spain who carry out outreach and recreation work on Poland's struggle for freedom in World War II and in the Polish-Soviet War. Reenactors wore uniforms like those worn by Polish Army soldiers at the time of that invasion.

During the act a minute of silence was observed for all the Poles who fell and were killed during the Second World War. Then the Polish anthem was played and finally the "Apel Pamięci", the ceremony of the Polish Army in honor of its fallen.

"We are very proud to have been able to participate in such an important commemoration, and we thank Captain Stachura for her invitation", point out from the "Poland First to Fight" Association, which has just published the photos of the event that you can see in this post. I join their memory of the Poles who fell and were murdered in that war.

Cześć ich pamięci!
Honor to their memory!

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