He died in Normandy and was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously

1LT Jimmie W. Monteith Jr: The brave officer who led the tanks at Omaha Beach

During the Battle of Normandy in World War II, 16 US servicemen earned their country's highest military decoration: the Medal of Honor.

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One of those brave men was First Lieutenant Jimmie W. Monteith Jr, born in Low Moor, Virginia, on June 1, 1917. I quote below what his record at the Medal of Honor Museum: "1st Lt. Monteith landed with the initial assault waves on the coast of France under heavy enemy fire. Without regard to his own personal safety he continually moved up and down the beach reorganizing men for further assault."

"He then led the assault over a narrow protective ledge and across the flat, exposed terrain to the comparative safety of a cliff. Retracing his steps across the field to the beach, he moved over to where 2 tanks were buttoned up and blind under violent enemy artillery and machinegun fire. Completely exposed to the intense fire, 1st Lt. Monteith led the tanks on foot through a minefield and into firing positions. Under his direction several enemy positions were destroyed."

"He then rejoined his company and under his leadership his men captured an advantageous position on the hill. Supervising the defense of his newly won position against repeated vicious counterattacks, he continued to ignore his own personal safety, repeatedly crossing the 200 or 300 yards of open terrain under heavy fire to strengthen links in his defensive chain. When the enemy succeeded in completely surrounding 1st Lt. Monteith and his unit and while leading the fight out of the situation, 1st Lt. Monteith was killed by enemy fire. The courage, gallantry, and intrepid leadership displayed by 1st Lt. Monteith is worthy of emulation."

First Lieutenant Monteith is buried in the Normandy American Cemetery. Engraved on his cross is a Medal of Honor, which was awarded to him posthumously for his heroism. A few days ago, the channel Yarnhub published an excellent computer recreation of the exploits of him:

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