Hysteria attack of the pro-abortion movement over a scientific evidence

A simple heartbeat makes abortion supporters nervous: the case of Hungary

Installing your ideological theses in a lie has a big drawback: the facts are going to be taking away your reason no matter how hard you try to hide them.

Scientific arguments against abortion
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The change in the abortion form in Hungary

This Monday, September 12, Issue 147 of the Hungarian Gazette, the newsletter official document containing the legal regulations of that country, published a decree by the Minister of the Interior, Sándor Pintér, which modifies the "Pregnancy Interruption Request Form" (as it is titled), introducing the following paragraph that enters into force this Thursday, September 15:

"The medical report presented records that the health provider presented the factor that indicates the operation of vital fetal functions to the pregnant woman in a clearly identifiable way."

In case someone has not understood, what this implies is that if a woman wants to get rid of her unborn son or daughter, she has to be shown the information that proves that the fetus is alive. Yes what you propose is to ask a doctor to kill the human being you carry in your womb, the minimum is that the doctor check (and once verified, inform you of it) if that baby is alive. To kill a being already dead or an inanimate entity would be absurd.

The Hungarian opposition believes that it is "cruel" to know that this baby is alive

As reported yesterday by the Reuters agency, the Hungarian opposition has branded this measure as "unnecessarily cruel". This observation is very curious. For years, health services have required informed consent for everything. It is a way for the patient to know what the service provided consists of and also. But curiously, in the case of abortion, its supporters want there to be blind and ignorant consent: that the mother does not know what she is going to do, in short.

On the issue at hand, one might ask: Is it "cruel" to show a mother that her unborn child is alive, or to kill and dismember that innocent and defenseless human being? The answer is more that obvious for those who have a minimum of humanity and are not blinded by ideology. Science shows that human life begins at conception, and it does so without leaving any room for the slightest doubt. Despite this, supporters of abortion continue to deny this scientific fact just as flat earthers deny the shape of the Earth.

A mere heartbeat demolishes the speech of the pro-abortion movement

It is such an absurd ignorance and so determined to deny more than proven facts, that right now it is enough for us to talk about the vital signs of the unborn child, such as a heartbeat, so that the supporters of abortion make them very nervous. And it is that a simple heartbeat demolishes all their speech, based on falsehoods such as affirming that an unborn child is not a human being or even is not even a living being. They have been deceiving people for years and now they can only trust the success of those lies to the censorship of the truth. But how to censor scientific evidence? That can be done in a dictatorship like communist China, but it is something incompatible with a democratic society.

The usual police-word to silence those who disagree

For the rest, and as usual, media such as the BBC, El País, Deutsche Welle and The Guardian have anathematized to the Hungarian government with the usual nickname of "far-right". It is a police word that they have been using for many years to silence anyone who disagrees with the irrational ideological dogmas of the left. The problem is that the irrationality of the pro-abortion movement is so colossal that those attempts to silence it are already useless. I would say that they are even childish, but it is not like children to commit something as monstrous as what many adults call "choice".

In Hungary, abortion is legal until the 12th week: is this the "far-right"?

The paradox, by the way, is that El País states that "Budapest has had more open legislation since the 1950s. The 1992 law allows women to abort freely until the 12th week, and up to 24 in various cases, although it requires a waiting period to receive information on alternative options.The Fidesz Government, in power for 12 years, has assured on several occasions that it has no intention of restricting this right."

Calling the "right" to kill defenseless human beings is absurd, but do you realize the contradiction? They tell us that Orbán has not repealed an abortion law for 12 years and still they call him "far-right". What will he have to do to appease these new inquisitors? Approve abortion until childbirth, or maybe legalize infanticide as some abortion supporters in the USA are already proposing? I hope that the Hungarian government acts consistently with the rejection of abortion that it has expressed in certain areas and begins to bet on total protection of prenatal life. If abortion fanatics are going to insult you, whatever you do, let it at least be to protect prenatal life without nuance.


Photo: Kelly Sikkema.

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