A beautiful footage of an old Leopard 1A5DK of the Royal Danish Army

The idea that a tank crew member has when you ask him for a romantic walk

Enjoying a beautiful sunset over the sea, walking on the sand, listening to the cries of the seagulls... Wouldn't it be cool to do something like that in a tank?

The very low passes and shots of an AH-64 Apache against a Leopard 1 tank
Lenta: one of the largest armored vehicle graveyards in the world

That's how they must have thought at the Panzermuseet in Oksbøl, Denmark. They recently had the opportunity to make it a reality with a Leopard 1A5DK main battle tank that belonged to the Royal Danish Army and is preserved in the white decoration of the UN Peacekeeping Forces that these Danish main battle tanks used during Operation Amanda, in Bosnia Herzegovina, in 1994. Christian Thøgersen has posted the images with the caption "Romantic tank video", noting: "Some like horses running on the beach in the sunset, and some like Leopards in the sunset."

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