In it there are old Leopard 1, M-113, M-109 and Centauro of the Italian Army

Lenta: one of the largest armored vehicle graveyards in the world

If you wonder where the largest armored vehicle graveyard in the world will be, you will surely think of the USA or Russia, but not southern Europe.

A graveyard of British tanks and armoured personnel carriers in the island of Cyprus
The lonely remains of Sherman tanks that fought in the Battle of Normandy

As you may remember, in 2020 we saw a video of some Swiss explorers sneaking into a tank graveyard. I already commented then that this cemetery was not in Switzerland, since the vehicles did not carry Italian flags. I have finally found the answer to that question: it is an armored military vehicle graveyard located in Lenta, Italy.

rom what I've read, this is one of the largest armored vehicle cemeteries in the world. There are hundreds of Leopard 1 combat tanks (remember that the Italian Army bought 920 tanks of this type), armored personnel carriers M-113 (Italy bought 3,697 units), self-propelled howitzers M-109 (Italy bought 221) and cavalry vehicles Centauro (the Italian Army once had 400, but sold 141 to Jordan and has withdrawn a portion of what remained of that fleet).

A few years ago, the Italian public television RAI did a report on this tank graveyard. Leonardo Simone uploaded it to YouTube, you can watch it here (the video is in Italian, but you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

Under these lines you can see the location of this armored vehicle graveyard on Google Maps. Hundreds of them can be seen.

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