Initiatives like this have already been successful in Lithuania and Poland

Fundraising in Spain in order to buy a Bayraktar TB2 drone for Ukraine

Military aid to Ukraine to deal with the Russian invasion is not only being channeled through governments, but also through civil society.

The big surprise that Lithuania got when buying a Bayraktar TB2 drone for Ukraine
The attack of a Ukrainian drone Bayraktar TB2 against a Russian landing craft

In recent months, Lithuanian and Polish social initiatives have raised funds to purchase various types of drones for Ukraine. In June, a Lithuanian initiative managed to raise 5.8 million euros in three days to buy a Bayraktar TB2 drone, made in Turkey, for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is a type of unmanned aircraft that Ukraine had already been using since before the war and that is proving very effective.

The association Con Ucrania announced today the start of a collection of funds in Spain to buy a Bayraktar TB2 drone from Ukraine. The initiative has been announced on the YouTube channel of the Information Support Committee for Ukraine, with several videos in Ukrainian subtitled in Spanish and English:

This initiative has the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Spain and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, as indicated on its website. In addition, Roman Zozulya and other Ukrainian soccer players appear in the video supporting this initiative and encouraging Spaniards and Ukrainians residing in Spain to follow the example of the Lithuanians and Poles with their help to Ukraine. Fundraising has already started on the website, belonging to the "United with Ukraine" Association, an entity based in Móstoles (Madrid) that has been channeling Spanish aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the current invasion on February 24.

The fundraising is scheduled to last a month, and the goal is to raise 5 million euros, which is the approximate price of one of these drones. In case of not achieving the objective set, from the aforementioned association they explain what will be done with the money collected: "the money would be destined for the purchase of other defense material, sanitary. In any case, such a decision would be previously the subject of consultation with the Ukrainian authorities and public knowledge would be given for follow-up by all those persons or entities that have expressed solidarity with Ukraine through their contribution."

All those who want to make a contribution to this cause have all the information on the website (click here), in addition to the link to your Paypal and an account number to make transfers.

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