The vehicle, a T-90M, would have been hit by M982 Excalibur ammunition

This is how the Ukrainian artillery destroys the most modern tank active in the Russian army

Russia continues to lose tanks in Ukraine, even its most modern models, as we have seen again in some images released in recent hours.

Russia's tank losses in Ukraine: some data from 2021 to verify how serious they are
New humiliation for Russia: Ukraine captures a T-90M, the most modern active Russian tank

In the video we see a T-90M tank, the most advanced model that the Russian army has in active service (because the famous T-14 is still under evaluation). As you may remember, the first Russian T-90M destroyed by Ukrainian forces was photographed in May (according to, two other Russian T-90Ms have since been destroyed). Mid-September one of these tanks was captured by the Ukrainian Army. Russia has few units of the T-90M and usually assigns them to the best prepared units.

On this occasion, the Russian vehicle was camouflaged, but a Ukrainian drone (the one that recorded these images) detected it and surely directed the artillery fire to destroy the T-90M. According to Ukraine Weapons Tracker, the images would have been recorded in southern Ukraine (probably in the Kherson region) and the person responsible for the destruction of this Russian tank would be an M982 Excalibur projectile, a 155 mm ammunition with extended range that can be guided by GPS or by laser. The most modern variant has a range of up to 70 km.

Below you can see some screenshots of the video. Here we see the T-90M camouflaged before receiving the impact. The Russian tank seems to be wearing Nakidka tarps (a material used by Russia as thermal insulation and as protection against radar signals) and nets of camouflage, like the T-90M captured in September.

The impact of the M982 Excalibur projectile on the T-90M. This artillery ammunition carries a warhead with 22 kg of PBXN-9, a polymer-bonded explosive.

In the video we see an explosion that throws incandescent material in different directions. This is possibly the result of the detonation of the propellant charges lodged in the lower part of the T-90M's turret, a common problem with all Russian tanks.

The video ends with somewhat blurred images in which the destroyed T-90M can be seen.

According to the latest figures published yesterday by, Russia has already lost 1,408 tanks in Ukraine, of which 812 have been destroyed, 56 have been damaged, 54 have been abandoned and 486 have been captured by Ukrainian forces, a colossal figure that makes Russia the Ukraine's largest tank supplier (unintentional, mind you).

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