The images show EC-665 Tiger, CH-47D Chinook, NH-90 Caimán and Cougar

Spain: A spectacular air assault exercise with helicopters of the Spanish Land Army

From October 14 to 30, the Spanish Land Army carried out one of its most important exercises this year: Bull 22, with a total of 6,400 soldiers.

Some good 4K images of the NH-90 of the Spanish Army deployed in Mali
The skill of the Spanish military pilots of the FAMET in a flight at the level of trees

The exercise has been carried out in Burgos, Zaragoza, Chinchilla (Albacete), Alicante, Palma de Mallorca and the Canary Islands, directed by the "San Marcial" Division Headquarters. Military from other countries have taken part in these maneuvers, specifically two helicopters and eleven French soldiers, integrated into the Air Assault Group, a French analyst in the Division Command Post and five observers from the United States, in the Logistics Unit.

The Spanish Army has today published a spectacular video of these maneuvers, in which we see troops from its Airmobile Forces (FAMET), with EC-665 Tigre, CH-47 Chinook, NH-90 Cayman and AS-532 Cougar helicopters, as well as personnel, vehicles and artillery of the 6th 'Almogávares' Brigade of Paratroopers (BRIPAC):

You can see below some photos of the exercise published by the Army.

Three Boeing CH-47D Chinook heavy transport helicopters of the V Transport Helicopter Battalion (BHELTRA V).

A Eurocopter AS-532 Cougar transport helicopter deploying troops from the Parachute Brigade.

Parachute Legionnaire Knights in a combat practice in a populated area.

Two Eurocopter EC-665 Tigre attack helicopters from the 1st Attack Helicopter Battalion (BHELA I).

Four NHIndustries NH-90 Cayman transport helicopters deploying soldiers from the Parachute Brigade during the air assault exercise.

Four NH-90 Caimán transport helicopters approaching the landing zone, protected by four EC-665 Tigre attack helicopters.

Two CH-47 Chinooks during the air assault exercise. In the background on the right we see an L-118 Light Gun howitzer.

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