A footage of the BHELA I flying at very low altitude during an exercise

The skill of the Spanish military pilots of the FAMET in a flight at the level of trees

Having modern helicopters is very necessary, but what really matters is the training and skill of the people who operate them.

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An example of this can be seen in an interesting video shared yesterday on Twitter by @pepejimenezEdA2 that shows us Spanish military pilots flying a helicopter at very low altitude between a grove, during an anti-tank combat exercise. The original video was published 9 years ago by MilAviaPress, and shows one of the old MBB Bo-105 GSH gunships of the Attack Helicopter Battalion No. 1 (BHELA I) of the Spanish Army Airmobile Forces (FAMET), based in Almagro (Ciudad Real). Currently this unit uses the much more modern Eurocopter EC-665 Tigre.

The MBB Bo-105 GSH, designated HR.15 in Spain, was a reconnaissance and ground support version of the famous German helicopter with higher skids to couple a Rheinmetall Rh-202 automatic cannon. 20 mm at its bottom.

One of these Bö-105 GSH participated in the famous Perejil Islet recovery operation on July 17, 2002, supporting the FAMET transport helicopters that participated in that operation. An example of this type of helicopter was can be seen today in the Spanish Army Museum, in Toledo.


Photos: Museo del Ejército.

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