The footage includes Renault FT-17, T-26, M-47, AMX-30 and Leopardo 2E

The short film of the Spanish Army with historical and current tanks fighting together

In 2022, the Spanish Army has celebrated the centenary of its armored units, and as a climax it has made a short film about it.

Así es el Museo de Unidades Acorazadas del Ejército Español en El Goloso (Madrid)
Un interesante reportaje sobre los medios acorazados de la Base Militar de El Goloso

The film has been shot in El Goloso Base, in Madrid, headquarters of the Brigade "Guadarrama" XII and equipped with Leopardo 2E main battle tanks, and where the Museum of Armored Units is also located, which exhibits historical battle tanks used by the Spanish Army during those 100 years. The video begins precisely in that museum, you can see it here (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

In the short film we can see some of the battle tanks preserved in the El Goloso museum, among them the Renault FT-17, the first tank of the Spanish Army, manufactured in France and used by the Spanish in the Landing of Al Hoceima in 1925, which was the first armored amphibious landing in history.

We also see the Soviet T-26B tank, of which 281 units from the USSR arrived in Spain during the Civil War, being used by both sides due to the tanks captured by the national side.

The film also features the M-47 Patton, an American tank that arrived in Spain in 1954. The Spanish Army came to possess 495 units. Its replacement by the most modern M-60 began in 1990, but even today the Army maintains 22 M-47ER3 recovery vehicles in use, based on the chassis of this model.

The French main battle tank AMX-30, of which Spain bought 19 examples in 1970 for use in the Spanish Sahara. In Spain, 280 more AMX-30s were manufactured under license, being replaced since 1994 by the more modern Leopardo 2E.

The Leoperdo 2E, a version of the German Leopard 2A6 main battle tank manufactured in Spain under license, has been in service with the Spanish Army since 239 in its armored units. The one we see in this image belongs to the Brigade "Guadarrama" XII.

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