In April 2021 they justified physical attacks against members of the opposition

The violent partners of Sánchez target 6 judges of the Spanish Constitutional Court

The extreme left seems determined to turn Spain into a replica of its admired Venezuelan dictatorship, judging by the messages it is launching.

Sánchez's coup against the Justice in Spain is a copy of what Chávez did in Venezuela
The Constitutional Court stops Sánchez's coup against judicial independence in Spain

The anti-democratic attitude of the communist faction of the government

The government of Pedro Sánchez has fitted in very badly the decision of the Constitutional Court (TC) to halt the parliamentary process of an openly illegal reform, with which the executive branch intended to liquidate the separation of powers and take control of control of that court. The communist faction of the government, Podemos, is the one that is exhibiting its anti-democratic attitude the most. This Monday, the extreme left party called to disobey the TC if its decision was not to their liking, thus violating Article 118 of the Constitution, which states that judgments and judicial decisions are binding.

Resorting to one of the principles of Nazi propaganda, that of transposition, which consists of attributing one's own errors or defects to the adversary, yesterday Podemos accused the Constitutional Court of committing an "unprecedented coup to the rule of law". An extremely cynical statement from those who try to liquidate the separation of powers, which is one of the pillars of democracy, and they do so by resorting to openly unconstitutional methods. Let us also remember that Podemos is a party that has ties to dictatorships like Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Seeing that party giving lessons on the rule of law is as grotesque as seeing the Ku Klux Klan giving lessons on anti-racism.

Podemos targets with names and surnames six judges of the Constitutional Court

Yesterday, the extreme left party has been raising the tone of its attacks on the TC to intolerable extremes. Late in the afternoon, Podemos released a video on Twitter pointing with names and surnames to the TC judges who voted against Sánchez's coup against the separation of powers. In a new exhibition of cynicism, Podemos says that these six judges "have hijacked our democracy" for the mere fact of suspending a process openly illegal parliamentarian. The video is titled "No judge is above democracy", in such a way that Podemos identifies as "democracy" that the government can do whatever it wants, including violating the Constitution, an approach typical of madmen who have not the slightest idea of what democracy really means.

It is the first time in 44 years that a government exhibits this mafia attitude

In the 44 years that we have had democracy in Spain, it is the first time that a party that is in government slanders members of the Constitutional Court and exhibits such a clearly mafia attitude against them, targeting them with name and surnames. A message typical of the most fanatical extreme left and that shows that Podemos is what communism has always been: a totalitarian movement opposed, by ideology, to the democratic system. Let us remember that the United Podemos coalition is the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), which was the representative of the Stalin regime in our country while that brutal Soviet dictator lived.

In 2021 Podemos justified physical attacks against members of the opposition

Podemos's mafia message against those six members of the TC is even more serious if we take into account the violent record of that party. Last year, members of Podemos, including two ministers -Irene Montero and Ione Belarra- justified physical attacks by far-left thugs against members of the opposition, attacks in which a Vox deputy was injured (Vox is the third most voted party in Spain). The government of Pedro Sánchez is the only one in the European Union that includes people who have justified violent acts against political rivals while in office. To this day, the two ministers who justified these attacks have not yet been dismissed.

In 2016, it supported a riot to surround Congress that ended in attacks on deputies

Let us also remember that in October 2016, deputies of Podemos supported a far-left demonstration whose purpose was to surround Congress during the investiture session of a PP government after the general elections of that year. During this undemocratic call, several Ciudadanos deputies were attacked by the protesters, without that the members of Podemos condemn these attacks.

The EU must clearly stop the authoritarian and mafia drift of this government

If leaders of that far-left party were capable of justifying physical attacks against political rivals, even against a deputy, if they supported a demonstration to coerce Congress, what will they not be capable of after targeting with name and surnames to six judges of the TC? If any of those six judges suffers the slightest attempt to harass or attack, Podemos will have to answer for it. And of course, if it is true that the European Union still believes in the rule of law, it must firmly and clearly stop the authoritarian and mafia drift of the Sánchez government. The EU cannot allow a gang to of fanatics turn one of the largest and most populous community countries into a replica of the Venezuelan socialist dictatorship.


Photo: Efe.

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