Vigo: the Moon over the Diamond Bastion of the Castle of El Castro

The Diamante Bastion, located at the northern end of the first enclosure of the Castillo del Castro (17th century), in Vigo. The construction of this first enclosure began in 1656. On the right we can see the ramp that led to the only original door that gave access to this part of the castle (later one more door was opened to the other side). The sentry box that we see on this Diamante bastion is the oldest in the castle. Today it is closed with a metal door.

In this bastion the flag of Spain was hoisted on a mast when the castle was in the hands of the Spanish Army. It was ceded to the Vigo City Council on March 28, 1964. In front of this bastion was built a restaurant, called "El Castillo", which covered views of this site until its demolition in 2013. Today this is one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the city of Vigo. From it you can see the entire estuary, the port, the Rande bridge, Monte de La Guía and the city center.

Out of curiosity, I took this photo on December 1st. Despite what it may seem due to the luminosity of the Moon, it was only in the first quarter.

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