The Italian pilot simulated the stall of his Aermacchi MB-339

A risky maneuver by a Frecce Tricolori pilot that leaves anyone stunned

Sometimes you think that nothing can surprise you at an air show anymore, after having seen many. But there is always room for wonder.

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The 313th Aerobatic Training Group of the Italian Aeronautica Militare is the official name of the Frecce Tricolori, one of the best aerobatic patrols in the world. Since 1982, 40 years now, this patrol has flown nine Italian-made Aermacchi MB-339 training planes. At the beginning of September the Frecce were at the Airpower 2022 airshow at the Zeltweg Aerodrome in Austria. There, as usual, they wowed the audience with their fantastic aerobatics.

Knight Flight Video released the video of that exhibition today, in 4K quality. There is a moment in the video that has left me stunned: at minute 7:55, we see the "solo" of the patrol ascending while emitting a trail of smoke, until the plane seems to lose control and stall. The plane began to spin on itself, to the gasps of astonishment from the public. It was a controlled maneuver, but very risky and requires great skill on the part of the pilot. It is one of the most amazing maneuvers I have seen in an air show:

Here you can see some screenshots that show that moment, although it is best that you see it on video.

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