These losses multiply by 10 the losses of the USSR in 10 years in Afghanistan

Russia ended 2022 reaching the symbolic number of 1,600 tanks lost in Ukraine

On December 31, the invading Russian forces ended the year with yet another humiliation, reaching a massive loss of armored vehicles.

Russia's tank losses in Ukraine: some data from 2021 to verify how serious they are
Ukraine vs Afghanistan: A comparison of Moscow's losses in both invasions

Of the 1,600 tanks lost by the Russians, 531 have been captured by Ukraine

As confirmed by yesterday, on December 31 Russia reached the figure of 1,600 tanks lost in its invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24. That figure is included in a total of 8,560 Russian military vehicles lost in this invasion, including ground vehicles , air and sea. It must be remembered that it is not an estimate, but rather they are confirmed losses, so the real number of losses will be higher, since not all the losses have been documented.

Of the 1,600 Russian tanks lost in the Ukraine, 937 have been destroyed, 72 have been damaged, 60 have been abandoned and 531 have been captured by the Ukrainians. This last figure confirms Russia as the largest (involuntary) supplier of tanks to the Ukrainian Army.

The T-72 continues to be the hardest-hit model, with 908 tanks lost

According to data from, these are the models of Russian tanks ordered according to the number of losses:

  • 908 T-72.
  • 366 T-80.
  • 58 T-62.
  • 50 T-64.
  • 37 T-90, including 9 T-90M, the most modern tank active in the Russian army.

To this list we must add 179 tanks whose model could not be determined. Let us remember that at the beginning of the invasion Russia had between 2,609 and 2,849 tanks in its permanent army, so those 1,600 tanks lost are already between 56.16% and 61.32% of its active armored fleet, enormous figures that explain why Russia has had to resort to obsolete T-62 tanks from its reserves to replace the lost vehicles.

Russian losses in 10 months multiply by 10.88 those suffered by the USSR and Afghanistan

Let's remember once again. that the Soviets lost 147 tanks in the invasion of Afghanistan between 1979 and 1989, a war that ended with the defeat of the invaders and their withdrawal from that country. Russian losses in Ukraine in just 10 months and one week already multiply those Soviet losses by 10.88. If the invasion of Afghanistan ended badly, one wonders what Vladimir Putin expects from his invasion of Ukraine with some such huge losses.

Ukrainian tank losses

Likewise, is also publishing Ukrainian losses since February 24. Figures released yesterday indicate that Ukraine has lost 439 tanks, of which 256 have been destroyed, 23 have been damaged, 16 have been abandoned and 144 have been captured by Russian forces or militias. pro-Russian forces from the occupied areas. The number of Russian tanks captured by Ukraine far exceeds the Ukrainian tank losses.


Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A column of Russian tanks destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

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