Beautiful images of its lighthouses, its rugged cliffs and its green coasts

A relaxing bird's eye tour of the spectacular North Scotland coastline

The United Kingdom is a nation famous for its beautiful natural landscapes. Some of the most notable are on the remote shores of northern Scotland.

Puzzlewood: the millenary forest that inspired J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling
Stack Rock Fort: the curious maritime fortress whose ruins still watch over the coast of Wales

Eastwood's Adventures, a little-known UK YouTube channel that has great videos on landscapes and urban exploration, posted a relaxing video last year showing the north coast of Scotland from a bird's eye view. At the beginning of the video there are beautiful views of the ruins of 15th century Sinclair Girnigoe Castle, located in the eastern part of the county of Caithness, in the far northeast of Great Britain. Below is the Noss Head Lighthouse, built in 1849 and still active (it is the one that appears at the top of this entry).

The video also tours Wick Harbour, the marine lake of Kyle of Tongue, the Ard Neakie peninsula, the beautiful and rocky shores of the strong>Neave Island, the rugged coastline from Rubh' to Mhill Glaise, the town of Droman (in Sutherland) and Stoer Head Lighthouse , built in 1870 and still active today.

You can see below some captures of the video. We start with Sinclair Girnigoe Castle. In the distance, the Noss Head Lighthouse can be seen in the distance.

The coast from Rubh' to Mhill Glaise, with its impressive cliffs.

The Ard Neakie Peninsula. To the left are the ruins of the old lime kilns in this place, and in front of the isthmus is the Ferry House, which served as a home for the ferry operators that once linked the peninsula with the mainland when the then thin isthmus of sand was submerged.

Stoer Head Lighthouse. Its light has a range of 39 km. It was the work of two famous Scottish engineers, the brothers Thomas and David Stevenson, authors of dozens of lighthouses on the coast of Scotland.

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