Great job by the members of the Tercio de Armada deployed in Alejandreta

Soldiers of the Spanish Navy participate in the rescue of a 7-year-old boy in Turkey

After the miraculous rescue carried out yesterday by the UME, in the last hours it has been the turn of the Marines deployed in Turkey.

Spanish soldiers of the UME manage to save two children and their mother in Turkey
Spain sends its aircraft carrier to Turkey to help the victims of the earthquakes

This morning, the Spanish Defense Staff (EMAD) announced that the work of the Spanish Marines in Turkey has contributed to the rescue of a 7-year-old boy alive in a central area of the city of Alexandretta, known in Turkish as Iskenderum. The EMAD has published the video of the moment in which the child was taken from under the rubble:

The agency Europa Press has indicated that the work that culminated in this rescue took place between Friday night and early Saturday morning. Marine Infantry Lieutenant Manuel González Baiges, from the 7th Company of the Second Landing Battalion of the Tercio de Armada, has indicated: "The situation was a bit chaotic since it was the fifth day after the earthquake and the chances of finding someone with decreased drastically."

Europa Press has indicated that the Spanish Marine Infantry was helping in cleaning and removing debris from a building when "a sound was heard" , which was identified by the Turkish team. "We are the rescue team if someone hears me shout, if you can't give three knocks around them", said the Turks. With the help of Spanish soldiers, the Turkish rescuers managed to reach the boy. "It took them about 20 minutes to reach that little life that gave a thread of hope to all of us who met at the scene", Lieutenant González Baiges stated.

This Tuesday, the Ministry of Defense of Spain announced the shipment to Turkey of two Spanish Navy ships, the amphibious aircraft carrier "Juan Carlos I" L-61 and the amphibious assault ship "Galicia" L -51, to help those affected by the earthquakes on Monday. The two ships are part of the Dédalo 23 Aeronaval Amphibious Group, deployed in January in the Mediterranean for naval maneuvers, and carry on board 500 soldiers of the Tercio de Armada, the expeditionary force of the Spanish Marine Infantry.


Main photo: Ministerio de Defensa.

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