They have managed to save lives when all hope seemed to have been lost

The moving messages of gratitude from Turkish citizens to the Spanish soldiers

The intense work carried out by the Spanish military sent to Turkey to help those affected by the earthquakes has moved many Turks.

Spanish soldiers of the UME manage to save two children and their mother in Turkey
Soldiers of the Spanish Navy participate in the rescue of a 7-year-old boy in Turkey

The Spanish military have done an extraordinary job that has led to saving lives when it was already very difficult for there to be any survivors, due to the days that have elapsed and the intense cold in the affected area. One of the most impressive moments has been the rescue of two children and their mother by the Military Emergency Unit (UME) in Nurdagui. Last night this Unit published the full video of that rescue:

The social networks of the UME and the Defense General Staff are receiving many messages of gratitude from Turkish citizens to the Spanish military and civilians who are helping those affected. The expressions of affection for Spain are highly varied, and the messages can be read in Turkish, English and also in Spanish. You can see some examples here:

"You have enthroned our hearts. The hand you reach out to us will be answered in return. Thanks Spain."

"We will never forget your perseverance, sacrifice and help throughout our lives. The Turkish people are grateful to you."

"We are Turks. We will not forget you, our friends, who gave us a hand, until the end of days. Thank you."

"We will never forget your help and the kindness you have shown us. Goodbye beautiful people."

"Heroes don't always wear capes! Thanks Spain."

"Teşekkürler" means "thank you" in Turkish. JAK is the acronym for the Turkish Gendarmerie rescue team, which is collaborating with the Spanish military of the UME in these rescue efforts.

"Thanks Spain."


"Thank you very much Spain."

"Muchas gracias por sus esfuerzos para salvar vidas. No os olvidaremos".


I confess that I have shed tears of emotion reading these messages. Our soldiers are a source of pride for Spain, and once again they have demonstrated their dedication to service, their spirit of sacrifice and the lengths they are capable of going to help those who need their help. You are the best!

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