Bombers from 617 Squadron RAF attacked the site on 25 April 1945

Chilling ruins: the remains of the Berghof, the Hitler's house in the Bavarian Alps

I am very fond of history, and knowing certain facts makes you see some sites in a different way, including the one we are going to address today.

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Obersalzberg is a town in the southeast of the German state of Bavaria, near the border with Austria. It is located in the Bavarian Alps and is famous for being the vacation spot of many Nazi leaders, including Adolf Hitler himself, who had his second home there, known as the Berghof. The then Nazi leader He rented a house there in 1924, after his prison sentence for the coup in Munich. he ended up buying the house in 1932 with the proceeds from the sale of his famous book "Mein Kampf". After the Nazis came to power in 1933, the Hotel Zum Türken, located near the house, was used by the SS as accommodation for the sentinels who guarded the entire compound.

There are many films and photos showing Hitler, his mistress Eva Braun and other Nazi leaders in that house, which had beautiful views of the Alps. On April 25, 1944, five days before the Nazi dictator committed suicide, bombers from 617 Squadron RAF, the famous "Dambusters", attacked Obersalzberg and left the Berghof in ruins, in an attempt to to prevent Hitler from taking refuge there to continue the resistance. Actually, the dictator stopped using the house in the summer of 1944. In 1951 what remained of the house was demolished.

Seeing the few remaining ruins of that house, one gets chills when thinking about the decisions that were made there, which caused the death of so many millions of people. Obersalzberg is still today a place with beautiful landscapes in the Bavarian Alps, but marked by the stigma of his dark past. I hope those ruins serve to remember what the inhabitant of that house did and that humanity never forget such horror, so that history does not repeat itself. This Sunday, the channel The History Underground has published an interesting and very well documented tour for those ruins:

You can see below some captures of the video. Here was the SS sentinel booth located at the entrance to the compound of the residence of the Nazi dictator:

The Hotel Zum Türken, which was located near the house of the genocidal. It was badly damaged in the bombing of 1945, but it was restored in 1950.

This is the lot that Hitler's house used to occupy. The house was demolished to the ground. Today a forest has occupied the place.

One of the few things that remain of the house is the retaining wall that surrounded it. It was not demolished to prevent landslides caused by the rains.

Under the house there were tunnels and an underground shelter. All the upper accesses of those tunnels were blocked with the demolition of the house. The only access that remains is this, which was a secondary escape door from the tunnels.

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