Inside you can see more than 150 historical and current aircraft

A tour of the formidable United States National Naval Aviation Museum

The United States is, by far, the country with the most aeronautical museums. And if you are a fan of naval aviation, your ideal place is in Pensacola.

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In that Florida town there is a US Navy naval air base founded in 1913. In addition, Pensacola is also home to the US National Naval Aviation Museum, with an area of about 790 square meters andin whose hangars you can see more than 150 aircraft, from those used in the two world wars to the present day, in addition to flight simulators. It must be said that it not only has American planes: one of its jewels is an original Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter from the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Petresky Films has published an interesting video in which he takes a brief tour of this museum. In some of the scenes you can lose count of the number of planes you are seeing simultaneously, they have taken advantage of very good space available:

If you want more information about this museum, you can visit its website: Below these lines you can see its location on Google Maps.

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