The air and naval losses, not very serious, have had notable effects

Russian losses in Ukraine already exceed 6,000 vehicles: these are the most damaged

The Russian armed forces continue to accumulate human and material losses in their aggression against Ukraine. Today they have broken a new mark.

The Russian and Ukrainian tank losses compared to their pre-invasion forces
Ukraine vs Afghanistan: A comparison of Moscow's losses in both invasions

Russia has already lost more than 6,000 military vehicles in Ukraine

According to Oryxspioenkop reported this morning, today Russian losses have exceeded the barrier of 6,000 military vehicles, including land, air and sea vehicles. Russian ground forces are bearing the brunt of this invasion: they have already lost 1,782 tanks, of which 548 have been captured by the Ukrainians, according to data published by Oryxspioenkop in its website, including evidence graphs of each of those losses. The number of tanks lost is a good indicator of the dismal progress of the Russian invasion and the failure of Putin's plans, but there is an even more striking indicator.

A Russian KamAZ 6x6 truck destroyed in the first days of the invasion. The photo was taken on March 20 (Photo:

Unarmored transport vehicles take the brunt

There is a chapter of losses that includes a total of 2,311 vehicles: trucks, vehicles and jeeps. Of these, 1,679 were destroyed and 547 have been captured. This heading includes transport vehicles in general. The most damaged vehicle type of all Russian unarmored wheeled transports is the KamAZ 6x6 truck, with 677 units lost. The high degree of destruction among these vehicles is explained not only by their low level of protection, but also by the Ukrainian strategy of attacking Russian supply lines, a strategy that frustrated the Russian advance on Kiev at the beginning of the invasion.

A Russian BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle captured by the Ukrainians in early April 2022 (Photo:

The serious losses of VCIs and their causes

Second place on the podium of the most massacred Russian military vehicles is infantry fighting vehicles (IVC), with 2,135 units lost, including 599 captured by the Ukrainians . A total of 1,358 Russian VCIs have been destroyed, while 116 were abandoned and 62 were damaged. The most massacred type of VCI has been the BMP-2(K), with 761 units in total. In 2001, Russia had 3,000 of these vehicles, according to data published by "The Military Balance 2021" , from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). Percentage wise, the BMP-1s accumulate more losses, with 334 of the 500 that the Russian army had at the beginning of the invasion. The most modern VCIs of this class, the BMP-3, accumulate 237 units lost out of a total of 600. These enormous losses are largely explained by the suicidal Russian tactic of carrying out attacks with this type of vehicles without air support and in areas mined and/or hit by Ukrainian artillery.

A Russian Kamov Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter shot down by Ukrainians on the first day of the invasion (Photo:

Aviation losses leave the Russian army without air support

As for air vehicles, the Russians have lost 187 reconnaissance drones, 7 combat drones, 78 helicopters and 75 planes. The aircraft that accumulates the most losses is the Russian-made Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone, with 120 units lost, 67 of them destroyed and 53 captured by the Ukrainians. Among manned aircraft, the Kamov Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter is the most killed, with a total of 31 units lost: 28 destroyed, 2 damaged and 1 damaged and captured. For now, Russian aircraft losses do not exceed Soviet losses in Afghanistan (189) because Russia has become very cautious in deploying its aircraft, due to frequent use of man-portable surface-to-air missiles by Ukraine. This is forcing Russia to make ground offensives without air support, with the results we saw above.

The missile cruiser "Moskva", the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, after the Ukrainian attack that led to its sinking in April 2022 (Photo: Мike Right).

Russian naval losses and their effects on the invasion

The area in which this war is registering fewer losses is the sea. Russia has lost a total of 12 ships. The biggest of them was the missile-launching cruiser "Moskva", sunk in April. She was a heavy blow for Russia, since she was the flagship of its Black Sea fleet. The most damaged ship type is the Raptor-class speedboat, with 5 units lost (3 destroyed and 2 damaged). As in the case of aircraft, the Russian naval forces have become very cautious in their deployments, due to the use of drones and anti-ship missiles by the Ukrainians. This has prevented Russia from carrying out offensive operations in the unoccupied coastal areas of Ukraine.

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