Located in Germany, it has been owned by the Free State of Bavaria since 1952

The Eagle's Nest: Hitler's former alpine chalet now converted into a restaurant

One of the most famous refuges of the Nazi dictator is officially known as Kehlsteinhaus, popularly known as the Eagle's Nest.

Chilling ruins: the remains of the Berghof, the Hitler's house in the Bavarian Alps
Maisy: the German Normandy battery that was mysteriously buried by the US

Construction of this chalet began in the summer of 1937 and was completed in just 13 months. It is located in the German town of Obersalzberg, in the Bavarian Alps, as is Berghof, Hitler's house that we already saw here a few weeks ago. Unlike that house, the Eagle's Nest was not destroyed not even by the British bombardment that damaged the Berghof on April 25, 1945, and it was not demolished after the war.

Conquered by the Allies in 1945. The United States declared it a restricted military zone, being officially confiscated on April 1, 1946, but three years later it was ceded to the Free State of Bavaria, who retains his property today. The place was opened to tourists in 1952, installing a restaurant in the house. Due to how narrow and dangerous the access road is, it can only be used by the public buses that serve this place. El Nido del Águila retains many of its original features, such as the access tunnel and luxurious elevator, as well as the marble fireplace in the great room.

This Sunday, The History Underground published an interesting video in which takes a tour of the Eagle's Nest, showing how it is today and images that show how it was in its early years:

You can see here some screenshots of this interesting video, whose author has recorded some spectacular shots of the place using a drone. The Eagle's Nest has incredible views of the Bavarian Alps.

Here we see the access door to the tunnel. The two doors located at the beginning still have inscriptions made by the allied soldiers who arrived at this site in 1945.

The elevator access tunnel. It was wide enough for Hitler's car to drive all the way through.

The marble fireplace in the great room , supposedly a gift from the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini to Hitler for his 50th birthday.

A view of the Eagle's Nest from the viewpoint located above. The house was built at a height of 1,834 meters above sea level.

A defensive bunker located near the house, possibly a machine gun post.

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