Different COMGEMEL units have participated in the Rusadir 23 exercise

The military contingent of Melilla shows its means to defend that Spanish city

Members of the General Command of Melilla (COMGEMEL) of the Spanish Army have traveled to Zaragoza for some important maneuvers.

The Leopardos 2E of the Spanish Army show us their high-explosive shells
Val de Diestro: this is the shooting range of the Spanish Army's precision shooters

The exercise, called Rusadir 23, has had the participation of several of the military units that are based in Melilla, and has been carried out in recent days at the National Training Center (CENAD) San Gregorio, where, among other capabilities, the means available to the Spanish Army to defend that Spanish city in North Africa have been put to the test. You can see below some of the photos published by the Army and COMGEMEL on these maneuvers.

Launch of a Spike LR anti-tank missile during the exercise. The Army has 236 launchers and 2,310 missiles of this type. They have a range of 4,000 meters.

A convoy of the Spanish Army made up of two Santana Aníbal SUVs, two VAMTAC ST-5s armed with Spike anti-tank missiles, an M-113 armored tracked transport (TOA) and a BMR-600 armored vehicle.

An ASCOD Pizarro of the Mechanized Squadron of the Cavalry Regiment "Alcántara" No. 10, during a night phase of the exercise. This image allows you to appreciate the smoke grenade launchers that this infantry fighting vehicle has in its turret, a passive defense to lay smoke screens on the battlefield.

An ASCOD Pizarro infantry combat vehicle from the Mechanized Squadron of the Cavalry Regiment "Alcántara" No. 10.

An ASCOD Pizarro firing his 30mm Mauser MK 30-2 gun at CENAD San Gregorio.

Major General Luis Sáenz Rocandio, Commander General of Melilla of the Spanish Army, reviewing the crew of a Leopard 2A4 tank of the Armored Squadron (EAC) of the Cavalry Regiment "Alcántara" No. 10. This Regiment is one of the only two armored units of the Spanish Army that maintain this type of tanks in active use (the other is the "Montesa" No. 3 Cavalry Regiment, based in Ceuta). The other armored units use the more modern Leopardo 2E, equivalent to the German Leopard 2A6.

A Leopard 2A4 tank of the 10th "Alcántara" Cavalry Regiment moving through the CENAD San Gregorio. These main battle tanks are known for their excellent mobility on all types of terrain.

Two BMR-M1 VCZ sapper combat vehicles. The Spanish Army has 33 vehicles of this variant of the Spanish BMR-600 armored vehicle.

Artillerymen of the I/32 Field Artillery Group of the Mixed Artillery Regiment no. 32 (RAMIX 32) firing a 105 mm OTO-Melara Mod 56 howitzer. These already veteran howitzers are being replaced by the more modern L118 Light Gun.

A Thomson RAC 3D anti-aircraft surveillance radar belonging to the RAMIX 32 Anti-aircraft Artillery Group II/32. It is mounted on an Iveco-Pegaso M.250 8X8 truck.

Iveco-Pegaso 7226 trucks of the Fire Support Unit of the I/32 Field Artillery Group next to the RAC 3D radar of the II/32 Antiaircraft Artillery Group of the RAMIX 32.

A Santa Bárbara Sistemas 155/52 APU-SIAC howitzer of the I/32 Field Artillery Group of the RAMIX 32.

A short-range Mistral anti-aircraft missile firing point on a VAMTAC S-3 of the Anti-aircraft Defense Unit (UDAA) of the Anti-aircraft Artillery Group II/32 of the RAMIX 32.

An M-113 mortar carrier of the Mechanized Squadron (EMZ) of the "Taxdirt" I/10 Armored Cavalry Group, part of the Cavalry Regiment "Alcántara" No. 10.

Gunners opening fire with an ECIA L-65/81 medium mortar during the exercise.

Members of the Observation and Surveillance Section of Intelligence Company No. 18 of the COMGEMEL Headquarters Battalion during the exercise.

Soldiers of the Engineer Regiment No. 8 (RING 8) preparing an explosive hose to clear a path of possible land mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

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