It is in the northwest area of the National Training Center 'San Gregorio'

Val de Diestro: this is the shooting range of the Spanish Army's precision shooters

Precision shooters are a common and essential element in a modern battlefield, both in rural and urban areas.

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Training this type of shooter is a complex task, as it not only includes training in precision shooting, but also camouflage, survival and information gathering techniques, among other aspects. This week, the Army has unveiled the Val de Diestro precision shooters range, inaugurated in 2020 in the northwest area of the "San Gregorio" National Training Center (CENAD), in Zaragoza, a field of maneuvers inaugurated in 1910 and which has an area of almost 34,000 hectares.

The Val de Diestro shooter range is 2,000 meters long and has an advanced base of operations, a simulated town, mobile targets and various positions with obstacles such as trenches, sewers, pipes and others elements that can be used by precision shooters to hide when making their shots. This place has been the scene of the Arqueros 22 exercise, in which six units of the Brigade "Aragón" I and the Cavalry Regiment "España" No. 11 have taken part, as shown in this video published on Wednesday by the Army:

The video shows what the Val de Diestro sniper camp is like, with containers acting as homes, medical posts and simulated enemy installations.

The Army report also shows the parapets in Val de Diestro, including this one made of sandbags, in which we see a precision shooter with a 7-caliber Accuracy AW308 rifle, 62x51 NATO (left) and its observer with a Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle equipped with a telescopic sight and a bipod (it is the version adapted for observers of the rifle used by the Army).

Here we see a sniper aiming from a pipe. He is armed with a Barrett M-95SP rifle in 12.7 mm caliber.

Of course, this field is also used for the training of observers (since Army sharpshooters are accompanied by an observer for shooting corrections). Here we see an observer with a Leupold Mark 4 12-40×60mm telescope, accompanying a shooter armed with an Accuracy AW308.

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