It is located in an area with estuaries very similar to the Galician estuaries

A replica of a famous Spanish medieval castle that is located in southern Japan

Spain is one of the countries that attracts the most tourists in the world, due to its climate, its culture and its architectural and natural jewels.

The beautiful Spanish castle of Paronella that was built by hand in Australia
The beautiful ghost station of the New York Subway that was designed by a Spaniard

One of the most famous aspects of Spain are its many castles. Seeing these fortifications from different eras is a great incentive to visit Spain. Of course, in other countries there are people who do not have to travel to Spain to visit a Spanish castle. We recently saw the castle of Paronella, in Australia, built by a catalan emigrant.

Today we have to talk about this other castle. Readers from Navarra will have already noticed that it is a replica of Javier Castle, but the curious thing about this fortification is that it is more than 14,000 kilometers from the real castle: it was built in the city of Shima, in Honshū, in southern Japan. It is part of an amusement park called Shima Spanish Village.

The castle interior is a museum dedicated to Spain, both its history and its culture. Among the things you can see there is this replica of the botafumeiro, the great incense burner of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The Shima Spanish Village is like a replica of Spain in Japan. It was inaugurated in 1994 and consists of 25 attractions, as well as replicas of famous buildings and Spanish towns. And why did you choose Spain as the theme for this park? Well, because our country was very fashionable at the beginning of the 1990s, due to the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, the Universal Exposition in Seville that same year and the Compostela Holy Year in 1993. In addition, Shima's coast has estuaries that are very reminiscent of Galician estuaries.

In that park you could not miss the Spanish restaurants and bars< /a>. One of them is this one, who is called "Brothers".

There is also a replica of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, with the fountain of the goddess Cibeles.

They also have a small monument to Columbus, a replica of the one in the city of Barcelona.

In addition, you can see a copy of the equestrian statue of King Felipe III, in the middle of a replica of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

They also have a copy of the horseshoe arches of the Cathedral of Córdoba.

Flamenco and bullfighting are also included in this park, which hires dancers and other personnel from Spain for its attractions, although here we can see two Japanese dancers (I don't know the nationality of the cat).

The amusement park includes the Hotel Shima Spain Village, whose appearance is reminiscent of the buildings of the Spanish Levantine coast.

El lugar parece tener mucho éxito en Japón, e incluso es un sitio elegido habitualmente para la celebración de bodas.

Shima's Spanish Village has four roller coasters, including this one shaped like a train (I'm sure it's the only Japanese train that doesn't arrive on time).

If you have been wanting to see more, I leave you this video published by the Villa Española de Shima at your Youtube channel a few days ago:

If you want more information about this site, you can visit their website official here.


Photos: 志摩スペイン村.

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