This system has 100W of power and a range of up to 2 kilometers

The Spanish Army shows the RF C-RPAS rifles, its portable weapons against drones

As seen in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, air defense systems are facing more challenges than ever before.

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One of the main challenges is represented, paradoxically, by the smaller objects they have to shoot down: unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) , also called drones. In addition to the more classic air defense systems (those made up of cannons and missiles), the Spanish Armed Forces are incorporating drone detection and shoot-down systems, and some of them have been seen in the Eagle Eye 23 exercise that 2,000 members of the Army, Navy and Air Force have developed in the Balearic Islands from March 20 to 24, organized by the Aerospace Operational Command (MOA).

EMAD has published today a video of this exercise in which we see some of the Army's air defense systems, specifically the MIM-23 Hawk missiles (0:13), its RF anti-drone rifles C-RPAS (0:26) and NASAMS missiles (0:37):

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting details in this video are the ATL RF C-RPAS rifles. The Spanish company ATL Europa, manufacturer of these weapons systems, explains on its website that the RF C-RPAS rifle is made in different formats. In this image published by ATL Europa we see the demonstration that this company did in 2022 with four variants of that weapon for the Spanish Marine Infantry.

ATL Europa explains thus, what your C-RPAS RF rifle consists of: "It is a drone neutralization system in the format of an assault rifle associated with portable RF inhibition equipment. In In the case of anti-drone rifles for commercial drones, these are countermeasure systems that guarantee the neutralization of all those who use the 2.4 GHz, 5.8GHz frequencies and GNSS positioning at 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GHz."

The Spanish company adds: "Pressing a single button neutralizes the communications received by the drone from the remote control, cancels the transmission of video and images and blocks the satellite signal from navigation." The weapon is aimed like a conventional rifle. In fact, from its appearance it seems to have been designed based on the Heckler & Koch G-36, the orderly rifle of the Spanish Armed Forces, which provides the operator not only with ergonomic support, but also it is also familiar to our soldiers.

"Depending on the configuration of these anti-drone rifles, the drone can be forced to land in a controlled manner, forced to return to its takeoff point, left the drone in static flight without being able to perform additional actions or block the transmission of images from the drone in command", ATL Europa says.

In addition to the RF rifle, this anti-drone system is made up of a backpack that contains the inhibitor and its power supply.

According to specifications published by the Ministry of Defense, the anti-drone rifle used by the Army is the INH-606-SW1W2. It has 100W of power, a range of up to 2 kilometers and a range of between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the operation. The rifle is made of aluminum and ABS and its directive antennas (the large rectangular shapes on its front) are ultralight. The weapon has a selector that allows choosing the frequency bands to be inhibited simultaneously (one, several or all). The inhibition is activated by pulling the trigger, as in a conventional rifle.


Source of the photos: Estado Mayor de la Defensa / ATL Europa.

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