Several vandalized classic vehicles have been found in those tunnels

Some strangely abandoned vehicles in some huge underground galleries

Some urban explorers visit fascinating places and within them are somewhat strange things, like the case that I bring you today.

An atypical graveyard of 50 classic cars and a plane in the middle of a forest in Germany
A gigantic graveyard with more than 1,000 classic cars disintegrating in Sweden

In January, the German channel Randomlife.official published an interesting video on the that in which it crosses enormous underground galleries. The description does not indicate the location or the country. The video is in German and the only thing I can understand from what the author says is a "Mein Gott" (My God), when I see < strong>what is found in those great tunnels: old abandoned vehicles and in some cases so destroyed that it is difficult to recognize them.

For what strange reason did those vehicles leave those tunnels? And what were those galleries for? Maybe it was a mine, an ammunition depot, or an underground factory. / UPDATED 12:14 AM: A reader tells me the following: "It is located in Belgium and served as a factory or warehouse for bearings in WWII."

You can see here some screenshots of the video as a preview. Here we see the entrance to the galleries.

Some of these galleries are vaulted.

Another part of the galleries is excavated in the rock.

This looks like an old Citroën AMI 6, but it's so battered I don't dare say for sure.

A Citroën GS, next to what remains of an old van.

A part of an old Citroën H van. The license plate is French.

This wrecked car also looks like a Citroën, since its wheels are the ones used by that brand.

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