The cars are wrecked by the harsh inclement weather

A gigantic graveyard with more than 1,000 classic cars disintegrating in Sweden

So far we have seen here great cemeteries of classic cars in Germany, Finland and the United Kingdom, but there is one that surpasses them all.

An atypical graveyard of 50 classic cars and a plane in the middle of a forest in Germany
Kälviä: an unusual museum with a collection of 300 classic cars in terrible condition

That cemetery is located in Sweden near the border with Norway. It has more than 1,000 classic cars and was founded in the 1950s: At that time, importing cars into Norway was not easy, but spare parts for cars could be easily imported, he explains the Simply_Adventure channel, so cars were disassembled at this location in individual parts and were taken to Norway to be reassembled or used as spare parts. From the images, it was a thriving business set up in a wooded area.

In the mid-1980s, the business petered out when Norwegian import laws were relaxed. Also, the owner of the car graveyard passed away, and decades later the place has become a curious mix of moss, trees and cars that are slowly disintegrating due to the harsh weather in that area (very rainy and snowy in winter). The video posted by that channel is impressive (the video is in German, but it has English subtitles; you can activate them in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see below some screenshots that show only a small part of what is seen in the video. It is surprising to observe how nature is relentlessly recovering what was its own... The downside is that, from what they say in the video, there is a river nearby, and one wonders if the fluids from these cars they could not end up seeping into the waters.

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