The president of Brazil intends that invading Ukraine is profitable for Russia

Lula: another left extremist who pretends to be equidistant but does Putin a favor

The international far left is mobilizing to prevent a resounding failure by Putin in his criminal invasion of Ukraine.

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Lula wants Ukraine to renounce Crimea

Among the mobilized left-wing extremists is the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who has done the same thing as his ideological colleagues in other countries: pretended to be equidistant. Yesterday Lula commented that "Putin can't keep the territory of Ukraine. Maybe Crimea will be discussed", adding: "Zelensky can't want it all either."

Ukraine responds to Lula saying that "it does not trade with its territories"

Ukraine has already replied to Lula, stating that it is not renouncing Crimea and "does not trade with its territories", in the words of Oleg Nikolenko, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Affairs, which added: "Any mediation effort to restore peace in Ukraine must be based on respect for Ukraine's full and complete sovereignty and territorial integrity, in accordance with the principles of the charter of the United Nations."

In 2022 Lula blamed Ukraine, the US and the EU for the Russian invasion

Lula's false equidistance is dissipated by reviewing his position in the face of this invasion. On May 4, 2022, Lula said that Zelensky "is as guilty as Putin" for the invasion of Ukraine, and in the purest style of the international extreme left, added: "The United States and the European Union are also guilty", stating: "What was the reason for the invasion of Ukraine? NATO? Then the US and Europe should have said: Ukraine will not join NATO. That would have solved the problem."

A thesis that many Kremlin propagandists repeat, which denies Ukraine's sovereignty and its freedom to join NATO if it wishes. A thesis with which Lula could also have justified a Russian invasion of Finland before joining NATO.

Lula's cynical words: "when one does not want, two do not fight"

Likewise, in January 2023, Lula partly blamed Ukraine for that invasion, claiming that "when one does not want to, two do not fight", a cynical statement with which any woman could be blamed for the injuries caused by a rapist for the mere fact of having resisted a sexual assault. Ukraine is exercising its right to legitimate defense against an invasion. What Lula wants is that in the face of any invasion committed by Russia, what the attacked country has to do is let itself be killed, if it does not want to be singled out as partly to blame for having been invaded.

If Lula wants peace, he must ask for the Russian withdrawal from Ukraine

Taking these statements by Lula into account, any "peace" proposal made by the Brazilian president is as false as the one proposed by the communist dictatorship of China. A serious and sincere peace proposal for Ukraine must demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from that country and respect by Russia for Ukraine's territorial integrity and national sovereignty. Those who want Ukraine to give up part of its territory are not asking for "peace": what they want is for the invasion to be profitable for Putin and for Russia not to leave empty-handed after attacking a neighboring country and massacre thousands of civilians.


Photo: AFP.

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