Xi Jinping's plan seeks to favor Russia and weaken the Atlantic Alliance

The pitfalls of the 'peace plan' proposed by the communist dictatorship of China for Ukraine

There's been a lot of talk lately about Communist China's proposed 12-point "peace plan" for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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The inconsistencies of the 'peace plan' of a Russian-allied regime

In case anyone doesn't know the text, here is the English version published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China. Putin is already has said that this plan "can be taken as the basis for a peaceful settlement". Zelensky has been very cautious about the Chinese plan. In the United States and other Western countries they are very skeptical. After all, the Chinese communist dictatorship is an ally of Russia.

There are things about the Chinese plan that seem positive, such as the call to "respecting the sovereignty of all countries". Significantly, at that point he does not mention Ukraine. Furthermore, Chinese foreign policy has been inconsistent with this principle: in 2014, China abstained at the UN on a resolution against Russia's annexation of Crimea, an annexation carried out by force and in violation of sovereignty Ukrainian national.

Likewise, on March 18, 2022, China once again abstained from a UN resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. China did the same again in October 2022 before a second UN resolution condemning Russia's illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions (Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk and Zaporizhia). If China truly respected Ukraine's national sovereignty, it would not have abstained on those three occasions.

The Chinese dictatorship intends to weaken NATO

On the other hand, China calls for "abandoning the Cold War mentality", stating: "The security of a country should not be pursued at the expense of others. The security of a region should not be achieved by strengthening or expanding military blocs." It is a clear reference to NATO. In this, the communist dictatorship aligns itself with the interests of the Kremlin. The reason for the existence of the Atlantic Alliance has become clear to Russian imperialism. Russia has been able to invade two countries such as Georgia and Ukraine (which do not belong to the Atlantic Alliance), but not smaller countries such as the Baltic republics, which are members of the NATO. If it were not for this organization, Putin would have started his aggression on the shores of the Baltic Sea and not on the Ukraine.

What China intends is to weaken that protective shield with which the NATO member nations have freely linked up to defend each other. The Russian threat has charged this Alliance with reason. It is hypocritical for China to criticize it, especially considering that that communist dictatorship has not criticized the Russian invasion in the same way. In fact, as anyone reading the aforementioned document can verify, the peace proposal of China ignores the most basic and immediate point to achieve peace in Ukraine: the withdrawal of the invaders. Any so-called "peace plan" that does not include this request is nothing more than a hoax, especially if it proceeds from an ally of Russia.

An immoral equidistance between invaders and invaded

The Chinese plan does speak of "ceasing hostilities". And it states: "Conflict and war do not benefit anyone. All parties must remain rational and exercise restraint". It is funny to read these affirmations from that dictatorship. Recall that just two days before that plan was published, Communist China was threatening to invade Free China, also known as Taiwan, an independent country since 1949 (its official name is the Republic of China). This also gives an idea of the respect of that communist dictatorship for national sovereignty.

Obviously, when it comes to an invasion, the invader must be asked to cease hostilities, since asking the invaded also means asking them to stop defending themselves while the Russians try to kill them. The approach is very easy to understand: if Russia stops fighting there will be peace in Ukraine, but if Ukraine stops fighting Russia will wipe it off the map. It is immoral to adopt an equidistant attitude between the aggressor country and the country attacked, between those who are massacring the Ukrainian civilian population and the country that is being massacred. But how to ask for an ethical attitude from a communist dictatorship that is committing a genocide on their own soil against the Uyghur people?

China criticizes nuclear weapons as it hoards them

On the other hand, in point 8, the Chinese dictatorship says: "Nuclear weapons must not be used, and nuclear wars must not be waged. The use or threat must be opposed of the use of nuclear weapons. Nuclear proliferation must be prevented and nuclear crises must be avoided". All of this would sound great if the regime proposing it didn't have such weapons, but communist China already has more nuclear missile launchers than the US. Again, what we read is not a "peace plan", but an exhibition of hypocrisy.

If the dictator Xi Jinping wants peace in Ukraine, he has a very easy way of showing it to the whole world. Instead of proposing such a cynical plan, what you have to do is use his influence on his friend Putin and demand that he withdraw his troops from Ukraine . Everything else is cynical talk to disguise China's true intentions, which are aimed at favoring its strategic partner, which is Russia.


Photo: Reuters. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

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