Certain 'pacifist' speeches want Putin to take advantage of his aggression

How to know if someone supports peace in Ukraine or making war profitable for Russia

These days, about to be one year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many voices are being heard calling for peace and an end to the war.

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An infamous equidistance between the aggressor nation and the attacked nation

Obviously, appealing for peace always sounds good. No one who has a modicum of humanity wants a war. The question we must ask ourselves is: Are certain voices that claim to be in favor of peace sincere? We must ask ourselves this question because behind certain pacifist discourses there is an infamous equidistance between the aggressor nation (Russia) and the attacked nation (Ukraine), as if both nations wanted war equally and the responsibility was divided equally between them. To this we must add that many pacifist speeches focus on the countries that are helping Ukraine to defend itself, accusing them of not wanting peace and causing an "escalation".

What many seem to forget in this matter is that if someone is really in favor of peace, the first thing they have to do is ask for an end to the invasion that has caused this war. We are talking about an invasion with which Russia has violated International Law, attacking an independent country, trying to occupy its territory and depose its government, a legitimate government appointed by the Ukrainian citizens in democratic elections.

What someone who truly supports peace should ask for

Of course, if someone really supports peace, they should not be satisfied with asking that the invasion be stopped. The restoration of peace implies that Russia withdraws its troops from the country it has attacked, returning the illegally annexed territory to Ukraine; to place the perpetrators of war crimes at the disposal of the International Criminal Court and to collaborate in the investigation of those crimes; to pay reparations to Ukraine for the terrible damage it has caused to that country; and to return to Ukraine people who have been illegally deported to Russia, including many children, a deportation that is classified as a crime against humanity by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

If we truly love peace, we must not agree that attacking another country is a profitable activity for the aggressor. On the contrary: we must demand that the aggressor do everything necessary to restore the peace that he has violated.

Fake 'pacifists' not calling on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine

On the contrary, what some "pacifists" suggest is that Ukraine stop receiving aid to defend itself, which would entail offering an advantage to the aggressor while it continues its attacks on the invaded country. To verify the falsity of these speeches, it is enough to observe if they put more emphasis on those who support the victim than on the aggressor, presenting the United States, NATO, the Anglo-Saxons and even the invaded country itself, that is, blaming everyone except the invading country.

Some have already made it clear that while they talk about peace, what they support is an approach that would imply that the invasion of Ukraine would be profitable for the aggressor, to a greater or lesser extent, allowing him to keep territories that are part of the sovereign soil of another country that Russia has violently occupied, torturing and murdering civilians, destroying entire cities, and committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. When some call for a "negotiation" but they do not ask that Russia stop its invasion and withdraw its troops from Ukraine, what their approach implies is that the war be profitable for the one who initiates it and harmful for the invaded, having to renounce their legitimate rights over their own sovereign territory and, in this way, turning the resort to violence into something that prevails over International Law.

They want Russia to benefit from the war it started

Of course, those who believe that Russia should take a cut of the war that it started itself do not really love peace: what they propose is that the war be profitable. Disguising this aberrant approach under pacifist clothing is not an act of cynicism that is not at all original: en the same false pacifism that the communists used to justify the German-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939.

Just as happened in the Second World War, those who truly love peace are those who are willing to help defend the attacked country, so that the aggressor does not achieve his objective and the war does not start. turn it into a profitable business for the one who starts it. If the false appeals for peace that some now make had succeeded in World War II, Hitler would not have been defeated and Nazi Germany would still be a danger to peace in Europe today. Thus, the true enemies of peace are those who support the aggressor obtaining some benefit from the war he provoked. If some who call themselves "pacifists" do not ask the aggressor to stop his invasion and withdraw his troops, then they are not pacifists: they are the invader's useful idiots and, furthermore, they pretend that the others too let's be


Photo: Allison Bailey/NurPhoto. A demonstration against NATO in Washington DC, USA.

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