In all three cases the same infamous arguments have been repeated

Negotiating with terrorists: the infamy that has been repeated with ETA, Hitler and Putin

It is often said that the human being is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone. This is something that unfortunately is observed with terrorism.

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The negotiation with ETA and the laundering of these terrorists

A few years ago, when the political negotiation carried out in secret by the PSOE socialists and the terrorist group ETA came to an end, in Spain it became very common to read accusations of "not wanting peace" against those of us who rejected a negotiation politics with some murderers. We were even accused of wanting ETA to continue killing, a terrible infamy that many victims of those terrorists had to endure. With these miserable arguments, what some did was whitewash the murderers, blaming the fact that they could continue killing those of us who demanded that the law be complied with, and not the terrorists themselves.

Because of that surrender,many imprisoned terrorists have obtained penitentiary benefits, such as access to prisons closer to Navarre and the Basque provinces. Likewise, the political arm of the terrorists was legalized, achieving great power in the institutions, to the point that today Pedro Sánchez depends on their support to govern, for which ETA has obtained concessions such as the expulsion of the Civil Guard from Navarra and a "memory law" to the taste of that murderous gang. At the same time, ETA terrorists are receiving tributes without the government doing anything to stop them, with the humiliation that this entails for the victims.

Likewise, this negotiation left 379 unsolved ETA crimes, which the Socialists seem to have no interest in investigating: in 2022 in the European Parliament, the PSOE voted against classifying ETA's crimes as crimes against humanity, a qualification that would prevent them from prescribing and that they can no longer be investigated. What Spain has done with ETA is humiliating itself before the murderers so that they stop killing, giving them in exchange the key to decide the future of our country. Terrorists not only enjoy impunity for hundreds of their crimes , but they are also rewarded.

The voices in favor of negotiating with Hitler

It is not the first time that an attempt has been made to commit this mockery against democracy. When Hitler invaded half of Europe, there were many who proposed negotiating with him. In other words, giving in to a bloodthirsty dictator who was leaving a trail of corpses wherever his armies passed. It was this policy of appeasement that strengthened nazi Germany in 1938, allowing it to seize Czechoslovakia, which helped Hitler to obtain more weapons and more resources for his next invasion. In 1940, when the United Kingdom was already fighting alone against the Nazis, there were great tensions among its political class, because a part of it was willing to give in to the Nazis to interrupt the war at any cost, even at the cost of a humiliation that would have doomed much of Europe to submit to Hitler for decades.

At that time, those who were not willing to give in to Hitler were also accused of "not wanting peace". Let us remember that at that time, and with the same cynicism that we saw many years later in Spain between supporters of giving in to ETA, the communists who followed the dictates of Moscow blamed the British and French for a war started by Hitler and Stalin, prior to an agreement in August 1939 between Germany and the USSR to divide up Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Bessarabia. The communists only abandoned that attitude when Hitler ordered an invasion of the USSR. The arguments in favor of negotiating with the Nazis suddenly disappeared, and were replaced by a speech that only admitted to crushing Nazi Germany.

History repeats itself with the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Years have passed and history repeats itself. Those who in 1944 would not have accepted any negotiations with Hitler are now calling for negotiations with Putin, stating that helping an invaded country like the Ukraine only serves to prolong this war. Just as the communists blamed the British and French for the war between Hitler and Stalin in 1940, now they want to sell us the idea that the main culprits in this war are not the invaders, but the invaded -by not give up - and those who help them defend themselves. And once again, as happened with Hitler and ETA, those who do not want to surrender to a terrorist like Putin are accused of "not wanting peace" and those who support them in their right to Defend your country from criminal aggression. In a mockery of intelligence, those who want Ukraine to give in to Putin present themselves as apostles of peace, when in reality they are the invader's useful idiots.

Of course, this inconsistency is not limited to the extreme left. Some who rejected all negotiations with ETA, now claim to negotiate with Putin using the same infamous arguments with which others tried to discredit those of us who said that there was nothing to negotiate with terrorists. Keep in mind that ETA killed more than 850 people in 42 years: in one year Russia has murdered more than 9,600 Ukrainian civilians, including 461 children. If it was immoral to negotiate with ETA -it was-, it is even more so to negotiate with a terrorist state like the one led by Vladimir Putin.

They call slavery "peace" which implies giving in to criminals

It does not matter if we are facing terrorists like ETA or tyrants like Hitler and Putin. You shouldn't negotiate with terrorists: you have to fight them and have the full weight of Justice fall on them. Those who ask to give in to terrorists so that they stop killing are installed in a dangerous short-termism that has always fed all kinds of criminals and totalitarians, because they always benefit from the weakness of civilized societies before the thugs. Giving in to terrorists is making an entire society hostage. Surrender to criminals cannot be called "peace." That is not peace. It is the slavery that always arises from the surrender of free men before the enemies of freedom.


Photo: Mikhail Svetlov.

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