Some friendships that have been hidden by the vast majority of the media

Lula's anti-democratic friends: these are the ones who gain from his return to power

Yesterday, Brazil held the second round of its presidential elections and the ultra-left Lula da Silva was the winner by a very small difference.

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Lula has had massive support in the foreign media, and not only among those on the extreme left, but also among those who describe themselves as "progressive" and among many who say they have no editorial line. However, all that pressure has only served to obtain a narrow victory and divide Brazil in half. Of course, I regret not sharing the idea that every electoral process is what some call "the party of democracy." There are elections that have served to bury democracies (there are the examples of Germany and Venezuela), and in some cases the electoral processes serve for the enemies of freedom to obtain more power >. This is what happened in Brazil yesterday.

Many media outlets will now continue to do the same thing they have been doing for a long time: whitewash Lula da Silva. It is not the case of Counting Stars. Here we are going to see what other media are silent, specifically Lula's anti-democratic friendships and who wins with her return to power:


Photo: AFP.

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