Tigers of the BHELA I, an NH-90 of the BHELMA III and a Chinook of the BHELTRA V

Some excellent videos of Spanish Army helicopters in a mountain exercise

The purpose of the Air Mobile Forces of the Spanish Army (FAMET) is to provide air support to other military units in all types of terrain.

The delivery operation of a CH-47F Chinook helicopter to Spain with an American C-17
Spain: A spectacular air assault exercise with helicopters of the Spanish Land Army

Some days ago, the YouTube channel Tufan Sevincel Flying Adventures has published a series of excellent videos in 4K quality and with fabulous sound (I suggest you turn up the volume of the speakers). The author of the videos only indicates that they were recorded during a mountain exercise in the Pyrenees.In the first video we see an EC-665 Tigre attack helicopter taking off, the ET-724 (HA.28-24), belonging to the 1st Attack Helicopter Battalion (BHELA I), based in Almagro (Ciudad Real):

In the second video we see an NHIndustries NH-90 TTH transport helicopter, the ET-806 (HT.29-06) of the III Maneuver Helicopter Battalion (BHELMA III), based in Agoncillo (La Rioja):

And in the third video we see a CH-47D Chinook, the ET-410 (HT.17-10), belonging to the Transport Helicopter Battalion V (BHELTRA V), based in Colmenar Viejo ( Madrid):

In said channel he has published another video that shows the landing of two Tiger attack helicopters, but unfortunately it does not allow its insertion. Currently, the FAMET are participating in the Orion 23 exercise with the French Army, but this exercise does not take place in the Pyrenees, but in the north of that country, so I do not know which exercise these videos correspond to.

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