A full battery of L-118 Light Gun howitzers from the Parachute Brigade

This is how the Spanish Army prepares its howitzers to launch them from an airplane

In its paratroop operations, the Spanish Army is not only prepared to drop troops, but also material, vehicles and weapons.

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Yesterday the Army published an interesting fast-camera video in which it precisely shows how its light howitzers are prepared to be launched from an airplane. In this case, it is material prepared by the 6th Paratrooper Brigade "Almogávares" (BRIPAC) for the exercise Defender Europe 23. The BRIPAC has created a multinational brigade with paratrooper units from allied nations "for the execution of an important Airborne Operation in Spain", according to the Army.

An L-118 of the 93rd Campaign Artillery Regiment (Photo: Ejército de Tierra).

The material we see in the video has been prepared by the Cargo Section of the Launch Company of the VI Parachute Logistics Group (GLPAC VI) of the BRIPAC. It is a complete battery of four 105mm L-118 Light Gun howitzers, which will be launched from an Airbus A400M Atlas of the 31st Wing of the Spanish Air Force:

The exercis Defender Europe 23, which began on May 7, is organized by the "Castillejos" Division of the Spanish Army, and both BRIPAC and the Spanish Army Air Mobile Forces (FAMET). During the year three initial entry operations will be carried out in different scenarios in Estonia, Greece and Spain.

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