A journey that would violate the laws of physics, exceeding the speed of light

The fascinating simulation of a journey from Earth to the limits of the known universe

There is a point where space exploration is only possible from the plane of the imagination, due to insurmountable distances..

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As far as we humans could go in our space travels during the time we existed as a species, we would only have traveled a tiny part in the known universe, which is like a sphere with a radius 46.508 billion light-years, centered on Earth.

This afternoon MetaBallStudios posted a video in which he uses his imagination to simulate a hypothetical journey from Earth to the limits of the known universe. The trip begins in New York City and, as the author of the video, Álvaro Gracia Montoya, warns, the hypothesis violates the laws of physics, reaching a speed that would multiply thousands of billions of times the speed de la luz:

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