They will be the first Spanish general elections to be called in a month of July

Early elections in Spain: Sánchez, knocked out, entrusts himself to abstention and voting by mail

The resounding defeat of the Socialist Party (PSOE) in the local and regional elections on May 28 has led Sánchez to a desperate measure.

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An electoral advance that skips the Constitution

This morning, in an appearance in which he was clearly knocked out, Pedro Sánchez announced the call for general elections for July 23 and he has done so, according to his own admission, before holding a meeting of the Council of Ministers that will take place this afternoon. Thus, Sánchez has skipped Article 115 of the Spanish Constitution , which requires that the dissolution of the Cortes for the calling of general elections be done "after deliberation by the Council of Ministers."

This way of doing things, even ignoring the Constitution to announce an early election, has already become a custom on the part of a president of the government who believes that his will is above legality. All in all, at least there is an opportunity for this disastrous legislature to be shortened by six months, a period in which this government could have continued causing serious damage to our country as it has been doing since it took office. of the charge.

A date chosen to promote abstention and voting by mail

As for the date chosen, those announced today will be the first general elections called in a month of July. The governments try to avoid July and August when holding elections because many Spaniards go on vacation on those dates, and therefore there are many who, being displaced from their places of origin, do not They will go to vote. It cannot be ruled out that Sánchez seeks precisely to take advantage of abstention and voting by mail, and this only a few days after illegal vote-buying scandal in which it has been seen involved his own party.

These illegal purchases of votes precisely try to take advantage of the defects of the vote-by-mail system in Spain, which allows the vote to be submitted at the Post Office without the voter identifying themselves, under the premise that they already identified themselves upon receiving the documentation to vote . As evidenced in Melilla, this system opens the door to the commission of vote-buying crimes, which the Central Electoral Board had to resolve with an agreement issued on May 18 to demand the identification of who deposit those votes in the Post Office. This agreement led to the disappearance of the queues of voters that were forming in the post offices of Melilla.

Spain is governed by a cheat already convicted of breaking the Constitution

If the Central Electoral Board does not prevent it, a similar situation could arise in general elections, at least in some provinces where fewer votes are needed to get a seat. The call for general elections in July seems aimed at taking advantage of these practices. Let's keep in mind that we have a government condemned in three Constitutional Court rulings for ignoring the Constitution in the state of alarm of the pandemic, openly violating the fundamental rights of Spaniards. Something for which the cheater Sánchez did not even apologize.

The accusations of fraud in internal elections of the PSOE in 2016

Let us also remember that in October 2016 there were already accusations of fraud in internal PSOE elections, accusations that were leveled against those close to Sánchez: "An unprecedented event in the history of the Socialist Party. No one had ever daring to set up a vote bypassing all the rules: without control, without a census and without an auditor", then indicated La Sexta, attributing everything to a "play by Pedro Sánchez". Of course, the effects that an illegal purchase of votes could have in a general election are limited and will force the Justice and the Security Forces to carry out their investigations to the extreme.

Those of us who are fed up with this government must go vote en masse

In any case, and as I pointed out yesterday, the best antidote to that is to go vote. Those who benefit most from abstention are those who buy votes illegally. The fact that Sánchez has chosen a date that is as propitious as possible to encourage abstention should encourage us Spaniards who are fed up with their government to vote en masse. We cannot give him the satisfaction of taking advantage of a vacation period to hold on to power in extremis. Spain is much more important than one or two days of vacation.


Photo: La Moncloa.

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