It will be broadcast from 5:30 Madrid time through Youtube

The launch of the Miura 1, the first Spanish space rocket, has been canceled for the second time

A week ago we talked here about PLD Space's Miura 1, the first Spanish space rocket. Finally the day of its release arrived.

Miura 1: the first Spanish space rocket and the contribution of the Armed Forces
This is the ingenious separation system and other curiosities of the Starship of SpaceX

This morning, PLD Space announced that the Miura 1 "is ready to fly" . The launch window began this May 30 at 08:00 CET and will end on Wednesday, May 31 at 10:00 CET. PLD Space will broadcast the launch live from 05:30 CET. The flight is expected to take off at 06:30. You can watch it live on YouTube in this video player (press the red button to see the remaining time for the start of the broadcast):

+ UPDATED 8:31 a.m.: The launch is canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions. It will be tried again in the next few days.

The official name of the mission will be "MIURA 1 SN1 Test Flight". You can see the emblem of the mission under these lines.

This test flight will be suborbital up to an apogee of 150 kilometers. The duration of the flight will be 12 minutes, the suborbital vehicle remaining between 3 and 4 minutes in microgravity. The launch will take place from the El Arenosillo Experimentation Center (Huelva), belonging to the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA).


Imágenes: PLD Space.

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