Another interesting video of Aventuras Entresierras in the lands of Andalusia

A beautiful mountain route looking for the 'Nazca of Málaga' and a stone friar

The south of Spain (like the rest of our beautiful country) is full of curious places and interesting rural routes.

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One of these routes is Los Nacimientos - Las Pilas, which crosses the town of Algatocín, located in the Serranía de Ronda, in the interior of the province of Málaga, a place with landscapes that are a gift for the eyes (and I say this being from Galicia, a land with unforgettable landscapes). We talk, as before, about alternative routes ideal for those seeking to see the hidden gems of Andalusia, beyond its beautiful and famous cities and beaches.

On the aforementioned mountain route, Aventuras Entresierras (an excellent YouTube channel to which I recommend you subscribe) has been on a mission looking for some enigmatic objects. On the one hand, the Malaga imitators of the famous Nazca drawings, and finally a stone friar. You can solve this intrigue by disconnecting for a while with this video and the beautiful route it shows (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player)

And here are some screenshots from the video. Here we see the town of Algatocín, which has less than 800 inhabitants and shows a beautiful picture of white houses in the middle of the green color of the valley that surrounds it.

As it could not be less, the two protagonists of the video, the intrepid quadruped Alfred and his companion, investigate an abandoned house near that town.

And this is just a small preview of the rocky peaks in this area. To see the most interesting thing, you will have to hit the play button on the video, it is worth watching.

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