T-72 of the 11th Armored Cavalry Division on a Bavarian road

A surprise for drivers: Polish Army tanks driving through Germany

Residents of some parts of Germany must be very used to seeing military vehicles near their homes.

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This is the case of the town of Hohenfels, in Bavaria, where there is an important NATO training camp. In September, 4,000 soldiers from 16 Alliance countries participated in Exercise Saber Junction 23 at that training camp. Today Military-Database has published a video related to this exercise: a convoy of T-72 tanks of the Polish Army circulating on a German road, specifically the one that connects the Hohenfels training camp with the Parsberg loading station, where the tanks were loaded on a train:

According to the Polish military newspaper Polska Zbrojna, the Polish tanks belonged to the 11th Armored Cavalry Division "Lubuska", based in Żagań, in western Poland. The Polish Army sent a total of 200 soldiers to these maneuvers.

According to Military Today, before the Russian invasion Poland had 120 active T-72s and another 470 in storageas well as 233 PT-91 Twardys, a modernized Polish version of the Soviet T-72. About 290 T-72s were donated by Poland to Ukraine to help in its defense against the Russian invasion, but the Polish Army still has many of these tanks in storage or in operation.

The tanks that appear in this video are of the T-72M1R variant and are equipped with a thermal scope on the left side of their turrets, in front of the gunner's hatch, and with a control system renewed fire. Many drivers will have been surprised to see these tanks circulating on their roads.

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