An interesting Entresierras Adventures tour in the lands of Andalusia

The spectacular and risky mountain route of Los Rodaderos, in the province of Granada

Even if you think you have seen all the beautiful places that Spain has, there is always more to see and what is left to discover never disappoints.

The ruins of the old military camp 'Alférez Rubio Moscoso' of the Spanish Army
The old positions from the Civil War on Mulhacén, the second highest peak in Spain

An inexhaustible source of beautiful places is in eastern Andalusia and specifically in the province of Granada, where that jewel of the Spanish orography is the Sierra Nevada National Park. In its eastern part is the Los Rodaderos ravine, which the channel Aventuras Entresierras (the best you can find on YouTube about urban exploration, bivouacs and mountain routes) covers in its latest video, which is the second part of the route that a few days ago took us to former military camp "Alférez Rubio Moscoso".

This time, the furry Alfred and his driver travel an unpaved route that crosses the aforementioned ravine, which owes its name to the rocks that fall from its slope when there are landslides, which makes this forest road It is certainly risky, not only because of the possible falling rocks, but also because one of them may have blocked the road, where it is not very easy to turn around with a vehicle. I will leave you wondering what happens in the video in that section of the road (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

You can see here a small preview of what appears in the video. At the beginning we see a magnificent camping area with two wonderful cabins, ideal for spending the night if you go bivouac.

The route shows spectacular landscapes. In this one we see Sierra Nevada in the background.

A curious construction next to the road. Could it be the entrance to a military bunker? Maybe the guard gate where some gnome keeps his treasure? The video explains what it is for and shows you inside.

And here is the route that crosses Los Rodaderos. A formidable ravine, but with a path that takes them astray. Once again, congratulations and thanks to Aventuras Entresierras for these fascinating videos. In this one, by the way, it shows us the origin of the name of that channel.

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