Aventuras Entresierras shows interesting abandoned places on that island

A tour of little-known places in Tenerife, with the Patrulla Águila as a guest

Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, is known worldwide as a tourist destination of great importance throughout the year for its good climate.

The formidable display of the Patrulla Águila at a festival of the Canary Islands Air Command
The old defenses of Fuerteventura: the batteries of Corralejo and Matas Blancas

Most of the people who travel to that island are looking for its beautiful beaches and landscapes, but there are exceptions, such as Aventuras Entresierras (my favorite YouTube channel, which I recommend you subscribe to). He recently made a trip to that island to visit interesting but little-known places, all of them abandoned and in ruins: the Igueste Semaphore, the Costa G-10 "San Andrés" Battery, the rangefinder of the Montaña de la Altura, the bunker of El Médano, the solar thermal power plant of El Médano and the Abades Leprosarium.

The great surprise is that when the protagonist of this adventure was visiting the Igueste Traffic Light, the Patrulla Águila of the Spanish Air Force passed by flying with their CASA C-101 Aviojet. As we saw a few days ago, last Sunday these planes they flew over Las Teresitas beach in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in an air festival organized by the Canary Islands Air Command on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of aviation on those islands. Aventuras Entresierras has been able to enjoy the show in a fabulous place (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

And as usual, you can see some screenshots of the video here, as a preview of its interesting content. We start with the Igueste Semaphore, an old maritime signal station that came into operation in 1895 and was in service until 1971.

One of the two wells of the Costa Battery G-10 "San Andrés". They housed Vickers 152.4/50 cannons from the cruiser "Galicia". One of the cannons is currently in the Fuerte de Almeyda, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, headquarters of the Military Museum of the Canary Islands, and the other in Icod de los Vinos, in the north of the island.

The old El Médano solar thermal power plant. Although it looks like a satellite dish, its hemisphere was covered with mirrors to concentrate sunlight into a hydraulic circuit and generate electricity with the resulting steam. It is very sad to see its current state.

The Abades Leprosarium, built in the 1940s and today abandoned and in ruins. The Army's shield and the motto "Everything for the Homeland" indicate that it was also used as a military barracks.

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